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Lifestyle Family Fitness Complaints & Reviews

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Tampa / Fraudulent Cancellation policy

joeking1978 on Nov 17, 2011

Lifestyle Family Fitness 11252 W Hillsborough Ave Tampa FL 33635-9762 Complaint Description: In July/August of 2011, I attempted to cancel my membership. The membership was a joint membership for myself and my wife. Not only was I unhappy with the 60 day notice, but I then found out they never canceled my wife's. They "claim' that I never specified. My rebuttle- WHY SHOULD I?? It was a joint account from the start. Further more, my wife NEVER once used the account. I find it highly fraudulent that their membership advisor would not ADVISE a customer on the policies. That he would...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Brandon / cancel membership

an honest consumer on Nov 14, 2011

We signed up for the fitness club at Lifestyle Family Fitness. We were told that our teens were free for "a year". We were told of two membership options when we asked what the pricing options were. We were told that we had to cancel giving a thirty day notice. We later found out that the free year ended at the end of December which gives a free half year. There was a third pricing option that we would have taken if we were told of it. This we found out long after we signed the contract. We now want to cancel. We are hasseled. They want to charge us a full month for our payment of one week...

Lifestyle Family Fitness / Support Center Rip Off

Gadget on Jul 24, 2011

On July 6th, 2011 I signed up for membership @ the Bradenton location on 14th Street in Florida. Bear in mind that I had a one week pass to try the facility out at no cost nor obligation. I dealt with an individual named Mr. Ed Santiago who insisted I sign a contract then and there in order to get a special discounted price for leaving my gym (Planet Fitness). I proceeded to give him my debit card information with the understanding it would not be used to pay for a membership unless I decided to join after my week was up. The following morning, July 7th, I checked my bank account balance...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida / cant cancel

regina valgerdur on Jun 28, 2011

I was a member of the LFF in Venice, Fl. for some time, until Jan. 2011, when I went back to my country, Iceland. I was told to call a woman named Lee, in order to cancel. She told me to send her an email. I did that thinking I was done canceling. No sir... checking my Visa account, there are still withdrawals. I called, was transfered, put on hold and not just once. Fett up is the proper terminology. Sometimes you just can´t win for loosing. I give up. I am a long term member, weather I like it or not. I don´t think so... I have had to cancel and change my credit cards in order to...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Indiana / Membership cancellation and sign up information

meagleson on May 28, 2011

January 2009, my husband and I, my in-laws and uncle all joined Lifestyle Family Fitness. Joining cost about $90 down plus what we were told was our first and LAST months dues, monthly dues at the time were $65. We were told by our sales person Nolan that we were paying for our last month up front, that we could cancel at any time because there is no contract, and that we could put our membership on freeze at any time for a small monthly fee. Spring 2010, we decided to place our account on a freeze because of our financial issues. This freeze cost $22.98 per month. In October of 2010, I chose...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Indiana, Fishers / Poor Member and Employee Services

formermsr on Apr 14, 2011

This company has truly been shot to hell. It's a huge corporation that thinks it's a small business. They are unappreciative of their employees, and it reflects on the Members. I was a former employee, and after a management change, I discovered that they were planning on firing me because I had asked for help when most of my responsibilities had been taken away. The leadership is very fake, and very two-faced. Also, I can personally tell you that the agreement is a huge scam. If you get the Comfort Gurantee, you must come 4 times, excluding the time you sign up. They do not check...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Sarasota / cancellation policies

Howard Hammerman on Mar 7, 2011

BEWARE OF THIS CLUB! Once you give them your credit card they will charge it no matter what. If you ever think you may have to cancel beacause of health reasons or because you will move have a lawyer look at the five page agreement. They got you locked in. And if you do sign up, do so for the lowest priced option. They will try to get you connected with a "personal trainer". That person is basically a salesperson. They will get you to sign up for extra services. But read some of the other comments on this website. The employees are unhappy and so are the customers. Go to the YMCA! No matter...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Lutz / poor business practice


I am too tired to write a long disertation on why I am disappointed with this gym. However, there are a few things I can write. Dirty. Trainers leave and there are no options at local gym. Management offers assistance but seem insincere. Called to cancel and actually had to take abuse from the Promo dept Lisa - I stated I called to cancel lets cut the crap and she was so offended by the use of that word stating she was only trying to help and give me options. Duh I called to cancel. Would not reccomend this expensive, overpriced, dirty facility to anyone. Just my opinion.

Lifestyle Family Fitness / Scam


Life Style Family Fitness East Columbus, 5929 E. Main Street Columbus, OH 43213 has the worst customer service. The main culprit it the general manager who is rude and does not carry though with his word. When signing up for a membership he was very friendly but when trying to cancel is he went out of his way trying to make it impossible for us to get our money back even though we signed a document stating we could cancel in 30 days. Be careful when signing a document like this because you have to cancel in 30 days they won’t let you do it before the 30 days, well they will be you...

Lifestyle Family Fitness / Do not work there

Do not work there.Kicked out and Fired! I was a member at the Lake Mary club for 3 years. I worked at the club for 3 months and was told by a sales manager from another club that he would fire me if i talked about wanting to be a personal Trainer. I was forced to quit my job. I came back in to work out and they told me i couldnt because they were afraid i would talk bad about him. I talked to my direct manager and was let back into the club. The next day he was gone and that manager took his place. I worked out for 2 years listening to his slander and lies he was spreading about me and filed a...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Ohio / Denial and Disrespect

I joined in January 2009 and they have a number of times now NOT charged my credit card while claiming they tried and then trying to say when they charged, it was declined. This allows them to charge the very same credit card they claim declined moments earlier with a $10.00 late fee each month. Catching on to this I complained and found most of the people at the local gym in Pickerington, Ohio helpful but have also found some absolutely rude and uncaring people at the home office in Florida. Linsey is a manager who has been very rude to me on a number of occations and most recently when I...

Lifestyle Family Fitness / Scam charges


I enrolled with LFF then later added my live-in boyfriend to my membership and used my credit card to pay for the membership. I cancelled my gym membership (by written letter in March 2008, stating to please cancel my membership and hault all charges to my credit card) with Lifestyle Family Fitness and they continue to take funds from my credit card account. I called their customer support/billing center and spoke with a Tristian. I told him I was charged $79.16 on 5/27/08 after my account was cancelled. He told me to fax my credit card statement and he would remove the charge. He agreed I wa...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, BrandonFl33511 / ....?..Comfort Guarantee..

I visited Lifestyle Fitness Center, because the sign said that they were waiving the enrollment fee for a limited time.I had broken my finger, was wearing a cast, and explained to the Manager that I met with, that I was seeing a a couple days, and would call and let her know when I could join.She agreed to hold the paperwork, and do nothing until I called.Two days later I learned that it required surgery, pins, pain meds., and large cast, with at least two mos.healing time.-I called and canceled completely.I was told that she wasn't in, so asked if she had voice mail-NO.I told them...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Winter Park / Swim Lessons Offered in Lap Pool


LFF in Winter Park Village has finally done the unthinkable...allowing infants into the lap swimming pool. I'v been told this is for some sort of swim lesson program. All I can say as a competitive swimmer is, "Totally Disgusting". How dare LFF allow peeing and pooping infants into a lap swimming pool. Not only does this swim class start at the peak hours of business, but it also takes up one out of three lanes total for the other paying members to lap swim. I can think of nothing more repulsive than having to swim next to an infant who's peeing and crapping in their diaper/swimsuit...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Apopka / Child Care & Membership Cancellation

I left my daughter in the daycare for 45 minutes. When I dropped her off there was only one girl working in the center but only 3 children. When I picked her up the same girl was talking on her cell phone and there were around 15 children of all ages running around and I was almost out the door before she even noticed me leaving. The other girl who was supposed to be working was at the front desk talking about how she hasn't gotten her hair done in so long. I went back to the club at a later date and told a salesperson I wanted my money back. He told me there was no manager on duty and...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Indiana, Fishers / Comfort Guarantee Scam


The Lifestyle Comfort Guarantee is a huge scam, and here's why: If you take the tour and decide to sign up that day, they will waive the enrollment fee and you will be in the Comfort Guarantee program. Basically if you cancel within the first month, you'll get your money back. Here's where the trick is. You have to come in once for the 1st 4 weeks. They don't state this, but it is in the print, so what can you do? Just beware. Lucky for me, I came in once per week for the 1st 4 weeks. As it happened, Andrew, the manager who signed me up, was there almost everyday I came...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Tampa / Do not appreciate their employees

This company claims they pay their employees well...maybe the DMs and Executives. They also claim they have the best customer service, which sometimes is true. It is important that the front desk employees be friendly and helpful. Again, in some gyms this is true. However, how do you expect to get good people when you only pay $7 an hour to the most important person in contact with a potential member or client for personal training? I understand that most of these people do not have college degrees, but if you are holding these people responsible for the very FIRST contact to a potential...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Ohio, Pickerington / Scam and fraud


I have been working out at Lifestyle Family Fitness in Pickerington for about 6 months now. I have recently noticed some changes for the better. Especially with the clubs management. The problem though is that they let some of the bad things that were happening there drive away some of there best employees (Andrew & Justin). I do not know why as a company they would not try harder to keep them on board. I did not sign up under Andrew, but I got to know him very well because he is very out going and always there to help the clients as well as make some small talk. Hopefully someone will realize this mistake and try and fix it.

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Orange Park / Dirty facility!


This is the most expensive gym I have ever been a member of in the state of Florida and the most filthiest gym I have ever had the displeasure of being a member of. When you complain they grin at you. The staff will not alert or get a manager for you, they just look at you like you have a nerve to complain. If you are a member wash your hands when you leave, who knows what you have come in contact with. The bathrooms are a disgrace, the tampon waste bags spill out on to the floor, the floors are rarely moped and the shower, well WEAR Flip Flops! They are the only place in my part of town to...

Lifestyle Family Fitness - Florida, Saint Petersburg / Class action lawsuit!

This company has been working its staff much over the 40 hours and not compensating them. Included, but not limited to are--Regional V.P, DM, AM, Sr CSM, CSM, MIT, MOD, Mbsp Consultants, COM, Trainers... any employee who was considered exempt from overtime or has their hours adjusted by Mgmt to manage budget or sales draw. A possible nationwide certified collective lawsuit for unpaid overtime against LIFESTYLE FAMILY FITNESS pursuant to the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) could be brought by current and former employees who worked for LIFESTYLE FAMILY FITNESS.We will also seek...