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Life Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Life Insurance / scam/ not honored life insurance

gabriel pinola on Apr 13, 2015

my mother Juanita pinola has been paying her life insurance for 20 yrs never missed would sometimg pay more the day she died in 2010 sept 19 we sent in her paper work they mailed back her policy was cancled on the 16 on September for 25.000 dollars so I feel this company unfair practice in there violation of the law they should be help accountable, I wrote to depart of insurance in sacramento they sent me to department of texas no one in both places new how to do there job and got know where but I got my paper work still this wrong due of business cause stress

Life Insurance - Illinois, Chicago / Death Benefits

Robbin1 on Mar 20, 2014

My son took out an life insurance policy weeks before his untimely death. I discovered the policy while looking through his papers. I then called a Monumental Life and informed the agent of my sons death in 1998. They were too review the claim and send the benefits which included double indemnity. Since I had not heard anything from Monumental Life I called their office was told the claim was denied because my son had not taken an HIV test. A couple of weeks later Monumental life sent me a refund check for the initial monies my son paid to establish the policy and they made the check payable...

Life Insurance / Cheating by Kotak Life Insurance Co

Rajeev 251 on Jul 28, 2012

Sir, I have purchased Kotak Life insurance Policy in Dec 2008.My policy No is 01414395. Min lock period in this policy is 3 Years and i have paid all 3 premium ie.Rs 75000/-. Now after the locking period is over, i want to surrender my policy but i came to know that present value of this policy is only Rs 48000/- and i am loosing Rs 27000/- in this policy. I inquired from customer care then i came to know that my first premium is not paying by Kotak Life Ins and it will be paid only if i pay all 20 premiums to the Co. At the time of purchase of this policy Kotak advisor has not told me that...

Life Insurance - New Jersey, Brick / Life Insurance

IntegrityR on Feb 1, 2011

Prudential sent forms to change beneficiary to someone other than the owner of the policy. Prudential says its their policy to restrict what the own of the policy can do with if an ex-wife calls and claims she's supposs to be the beneficiary. Not court order naming that policy is required. Without the owner's knowledge Prudential communicated with the owner's ex-wife 5 years after the divorce. Upon her request they sent her forms to change the beneficiary. The owner of the policy was never informed. She sent them a letter of making a claim that she was to be the beneficary on thi...

Life Insurance - Texas, Houston / FRAUD, SCAM AND LIES


primerica is a fraud and scam company...i worked with them about a month, waste of gas, waste of time never got payed not one penny, we are in a recession i dont have time for this, i quit a month later as well as i cancelled that insurance they made me get, now its been about two or three months and im still trying to cancel that dam insurance that is still taking my money out the bank, i went personally to quit that so called job and cancel that insurance, i felt humiliated by josceline green soon to be RVP she humiliated friends of mine because they would not get her insurance, this people are...

Life Insurance - Connecticut, Hartford / Premium

Subject: Universal Life Planned Premium Policy# U7246109 When I first started this policy with Travelers in 1991 and is now with Metlife I was only paying $75 per quarter. Over the last few years the premium has escalated to $77 amonth and today I received a notice that I owe $451.56 by June 22, 2009. In the past year I have called Metlife several times for an explanation with no results. I also contacted a Metlife Representative here in Raleigh, NC by the name of John H. Fick, 2501 Blue Ridge Rd, ste 300, Raleigh, NC 27607, Telephone # 919-787-6220 ext 114, cell# 919-946-2387. His response wa...

Life Insurance - Texas, Galveston / Term life insurance

I aquired a term Life policy from American National Insurance Co. in 1989 and was told at that time I could take a lone against it at any time. So in the ninety's I made a lone of $350.00. I paid $40.00 a month for 20 year not knowing anything was wrong. Knew I accrued interest but always thought it would be deducted at time of death. Wrong... My policy was canciled on 3-11-2009 after taking a payment from my account that day. 20 years of paying and I have nothing. They said It went into interest overload and would take over $7000.00 to catch it up. What's with this. Confussed in Texas

Life Insurance - Pennsylvania, Plymouth Meeting / American Income Life


What a scam!! I traveled 204.06 miles, spending 40.00 dollars on gas and 10.00 dollars worth of tolls, for an interview as an Entry Level manager, or so I thought. However when I got there, there were 30 people for an interview at the same time{10:00am} We then gave them our resumes and were told to have a seat, after 45mins., about ten managers came out and started calling names{not even in the order we came in}They spoke to us for 2mins., and then took us downstairs for a 2hr.presentation about how much money that could be made by selling life insurance. I do not want to sell life insurance...

Life Insurance - Washington, Mercer Island / reinstatement


have been paying life insurance premium for me and my husband since 1991. In early 2007, I noticed that my premiums had decreased from my bank account since I pay my premiums thru bank deduction. When I called Farmers, they told me that they have mailed a notification to my husband stating that his premium had increased and to add more money in the bank to cover the premium. I told them that we never received the letter and it would not have been a problem adding more money because it was not significant. Farmers stated that they mailed it to the address we have on file but it got returned to...

Life Insurance - California / Business Practice


I opted for a Term Life Insurance Policy from AIG through SelectQuote. One the appointment was made for a exam, I never heard from the SelectQuote Agent-Shaun Croper- again. After a month and a half I filed a complaint with SelectQuote customer service and found out that the exam subcontracted company lost part of my medical and personal information in an automobile accident. Neither company has offered credit score monitoring for fraud or ID Theft. The exam customer has never contacted me to report the loss. Furthermore, SelectQuote sent me another contract. This contract had a stipulation that the...