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LAPD Complaints & Reviews

LAPD - California, Los Angeles / Ofcrs D Shinjo #38408 and C Sanchez #38406

Eugene Robidoux on Jul 15, 2011

I was falsely arrested for a DUI by Ofcrs D Shinjo #38408 and C Sanchez #38406 in 2008. Type putn the report that I had numerous symptoms of being under the influence, all of which were lies. I took a blood test which showed I was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If you need further information, you may contact me by email at [email protected]

LAPD - California, Los Angeles / LAPD - Officer Cho (serial no. 17290-34392)

My friend and I were walking in downtown LA and were stopped by LAPD Officer Cho (serial no. 17290-34392). He explained that we jaywalked which was not the case and we did not make any sort of violation. Officer Cho (field training officer) proceeded to engage in citing us and became progressively curt as to try and impress his trainee. He then found out my friend who was walking with me was an off duty officer and decides not to cite him but proceeds to write me a jaywalking ticket. I want to fight this and win.

LAPD - California, Los Angeles / Watch out for Officer Melero - RACIST

Its very typical nowadays for me to get pulled over by the LAPD, but last night I had enough of always being treated like a criminal (only because I'm a black male). On Sunday, July 26th, I was driving down on Olympic and saw 4 small red flares on the road. I drove up thinking I can just go around, and the Officer Melero stops me. Instead of telling me that the road is closed and I have to go around, he has me stop my car. Then his first line of questioning is "Am I on probation?", "Is this car stolen?". Is this typical questioning they would ask white drivers? I then had to wait for over...

LAPD - California, Los Angeles / Racist and bad Treatment

A couple of days back, the police forced into our apartment saying that they have heard a complain of the domestic violence. I was surprise because the only thing that happenned was our child was crying during that time. They come inside and started searching our small apartment and started to interogate me. In our bedroom, there is space where we keep our deities and do Puja. My wife is a little bit more of the religious than me - so she request them not to go to that space with shoes on. However, they did not listen and just went wherever they wanted. They said they did not have to remove...