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Landos Boxers Complaints & Reviews

Landos Boxers - Ontario, Lindsay / Cancer and Heart Problem

Feb 20, 2016

I got a dog from Landos Boxer 4 years ago. My dog had a heart mumur and died January 2016 with brain cancer. It is cruel to have such a bad breeder like that, breeding dogs with genetic diseases. In regards to the papers, well, never got them, and since I did not care about papers, I gave up requesting. My family is destroyed after loosing our dear loving son. The pain that this breeder is causing to my family and as I can see to several people, is not fair, and it is cruel! I am considering a class actions against this breeder for all emotional and financial damage that they are causing to my family and to several other ones.

Landos Boxers - Ontario, Lindsay / Concerning Puppies/Dogs

Sep 19, 2015

I have read each and every single one of these comments. I have to comment here. My husband and I have been clients of Landos Boxers for more than 15 years. We bought our first Boxer from Linda of Landos Boxers. Yes our Puppy "Kahlua" had a heart murmur. Linda made us aware of this at the very beginning. We picked out another Puppy from her but when she told us "Kahlua" had a Heart Murmur we took him instead of the puppy we picked out. We signed all the papers for Linda as per our contract with her. We took "Kahlua" home and we put him on Eukanuba Large Breed Puppy Food and he lost his Heart...

Landos Boxers - Ontario, Lindsay / Poor Service

Oct 19, 2012

This breeder is your best friend when you are thinking about buying a puppy. She is all teeth and smiles until you hand her over your money!! Heaven help you if something goes wrong with that puppy. You will never be able to reach her by phone or email. She will never return your calls. The guarantee she offers is a joke and pretty useless if you can't reach her. I have even driven to her house, her vehicle was there yet she refused to answer the door. Be very careful of this "breeder"

Landos Boxers - Ontario, Kawartha Lakes / Sick Puppy

Feb 24, 2012

I thought I did all the right research in looking for a reputable breeder. One can never tell from just a website so I went to see her in person. The owner comes across very pleasent and answered all my questions. I was told the dogs were health tested, yet I was never shown any copies of documentation. Now I know I should have asked!!! We picked up our puppy at 7 weeks of age and took him home. We were told that the puppy might have some diarrhea due to stress which all made sense to me so I didnt panic when that night the puppy had liquid poo's. We took him into our vet the next day and...