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Landos Boxers review: Boxer puppy

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Linda is all smiles and friendly until you get home with your puppy. I purchased a puppy for my breeding program from Linda in april 2022. I paid an extra $1000 to have breeding rights to said puppy. When i arrived to pick up my puppy, linda stated that she is a ckc member and could register my puppy if i would like, to which i obviously said i would like that. She wrote on her copy of the contract (but not mine which shouldve been a red flag for me) the name i wanted to be registered for my puppy as well as the changes we agreed to regarding breeding rights. Linda even met my other 2 boxers that had come along for the drive and to meet the new puppy. I attempted to keep in contact with linda providing updates on how the puppy was settling in. When i asked how the paperwork was coming linda stopped responding completely. I eventually had to contact CKC directly and file a complaint to which i was told Linda has not been a member since 2018 and that she had incorrectly identified my puppy! I paid $3250 for a future breeding dam only to be swindled. Do not purchase from this woman. Shes unethical and doesnt keep her word. Linda is trying to claim bow that she never agreed to register my puppy but as a “registered breeder” she should know that it is against the animal pedigree act to sell her puppies as purebred and not register them and that purebred puppies MUST be registered as per the act. She not only is unethical she is also breaking laws. If you do buy from her ensure you get absolutely the entire conversation in writing.

Desired outcome: I just want my registration papers so i can register my future litters from my puppy and my registered stud

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