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Kiyoseki Complaints & Reviews

Kiyoseki - California, Fresno / defective product& customer service


I too bought a kiyoseki flat iron and the second time I used it in the middle of straightening my hair it shut off and wouldn't come back on. I received the return label and sent it back and then called a few weeks later as to when I would receive it and the rep I spoke with asked if I got the label (which by the way I already said I did) then she said I would probably get it within 10-15 days. Since she sounded unsure about it I called right back to speak to another rep and to my dismay he put me on hold and when he came back said in the box that I returned the styler was missing and...

Kiyoseki - Texas / Burns hair and shuts off


Love the straightner but I first bought one around 7/08 and it shut off to never turn on again..returned it about 11/08, they sent me the return label but I had to pay $19.99 for another one in addition to the costly price I had already paid for it. I received a 2nd one 12/08 and on 4-18-09 it burned the piece of hair that was in the barrel and stopped working again never to turn on. If this iron only works for 4 months at a time and we have to keep sending in $19.99 just to get another one and the same thing just sucks. You would think with as many complaints that are here, they would have fixed this problem or at least looked into it.

Kiyoseki / Worst product


Had this product for 6months. It worked great in the beginning, it was better than any other flat iron I had ever used before. The small complaint I had was it was almost impossible to keep it at your desired temp while straightening your hair, you fingers bump it and send the temps up. Then one day while straightening, it melted my hair, and I have long hair so it was very noticeable. When I looked at the temp window it was red and said "error". It then shut off and wouldn't turn back on. I don't want a replacement, I wouldn't trust a brand new one with ALL the other complaint...

Kiyoseki / Don't use


I bought the kiyoseki curlers about a week ago. I've used them 1 time and I absolutely hate them. I already own a Solia flatiron and should have stuck with what I know works. The kiyoseki irons buttons are an inconvenience. You can’t straighten your hair from pushing the *** buttons. It also scorches your hair. Don’t believe the nonsense about the supposed "minerals" that are supposed to make your hair shiny or the getup about keeping a style in humidity. They are no better than beauty supply flatirons. Go to and read the reviews sent by real customers. I’m sending this thing back refund or no refund.

Kiyoseki / It is a piece of crap


This is the worst flat iron out there. Got the flat iron used it less than 10 days and it burned a huge piece of my daughters hair out down to the root! Then malfunctioned and never came back on. I immediately called customer service and told them what happen all I asked for was to return it and receive a flat iron that wasn't defective. So they said they would send me a shipping label. I waited 2 weeks no label called back in I spoke to a rep she did apologize and said she would email me a label and did I have any other questions I said OK I do. That’s when the *** began! I asked...