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Aug 16, 2012

I bought a deal for house cleaning First Choice Maids I should have checked on YELP SAN DIEGO before buying this deal ALL (but 2-could be family) were horrible- one star. KGB refused to give me my money back because they stated I USED the coupon, duh...of course I used it I bought it- they STATED 3 hours o cleaning. After my experience (below) they didnt give me my money back which is stupid since I literally have spend hundreds and would have continued to do so, it seems they will sell you ANYTHING as long as they make a buck-once they get their money they dont care how the service they sold... / Do NOT book the next stage promotions deals

Jul 25, 2012

Do NOT book the next stage promotions deals!!! They never email you to book the flight and KGB will not refund you after 7 days!! What a rip off!! Stay away from this site!! / Most of my emails are NEVER even answered

Jul 03, 2012

I have spent lots of money on this site and was not able to redeem many of the vouchers. Some of the places were out of business and some of them expired. I’ve never had a problem with any of the other coupon sites with receiving credit for further purchases or at times a full refund under such circumstances like when a place wont accept the voucher or is no longer in business. They clearly state in their policy on their site that this is the case and this is the only reason that i bought as many vouchers as i did. (I forgot to mention that a couple of the vouchers didnt even show up and... / Do not buy from KGB deals

Jan 16, 2012

Do not buy from KGB deals! If you buy something and have an issue, there is NO customer service. And I mean NONE. They do not respond to emails. They don't answer their phone. Note: The phone number is no longer available on their website. You might as well just rip up your money and throw it away because that is what you are doing when you buy from this website! / I will not be buying through KGB in the future

Jan 06, 2012

I'm a big web user and a web designer so I have a lot of understanding when it comes to the web. Although I had not heard of KGB Deals before I gave it a try when I found a deal on slickdeals for a New Years Eve party. We had purchased the tickets a few days before 12/31. We had instructions to redeem them on the website to essentially "reserve" our slot. I got the email with our vouchers (we bought 4 all together) and below that were instructions. First off, the link for the page to redeem them was incorrect in our email we received. Then when I figured out the page on the venue'... / I would stay away from KGBDeals

Oct 10, 2011

No matter how good the deal is or how relevant it is to your needs, I would stay away from KGBDeals. I purchased 3 vouchers - the first, I had no problems with. The second and the third, however, has taken 6 times longer to reach me than they said (and it still hasn't come - they just promise it). When I contacted them about this issue, they said it was because of the "huge response they received from this wonderful deal." The deadline to these deals, mind you, were constantly extended to get more buyers. The worst part, and why I will never buy from them again, was their customer...