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Keen Pomeranians Complaints & Reviews

Keen Pomeranians - Mississippi, Decatur / purchasing a puppy


Too many details to put down. Here is just a list of facts. Received an older Pomeranian from Carol Keen. She told us the dog had no more eggs and she just wanted a good home for it. We took it and a month or so later it miscarried a pup. We called Carol about what to do, describing what happend and what we saw and she said no vet was needed. 3 days after the miscarry, the dog began bleeding heavier and died that day (day before Thanksgiving 2009). Carol said she felt bad about us losing the dog (very sweet female) so she offered one of her other dogs to my husband for $250. She said she...

Keen Pomeranians - Mississippi / Carol Keen


I live in Southern Califonia and I purchased a puppy from Carol Keen at Keen Pomeranians in Decatur, Ms. The puppy was very lethargic and throwing up. I took him to the vet within 24 hours and discovered he had Parvo! I then called Carol, the breeder, (if you want to call her that) and she refuses to believe that he had parvo, even though I sent her copies from the vet. She does not care about her animals, only about the money. DO NOT BUY ANY DOGS FROM THIS WOMAN!!! Her other dogs also have to be infected.