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K&B Transportation Complaints & Reviews

K&B Transportation / Over the road driving job

Sep 2, 2016

realizing that late deliveries are not allowed k&b transportation, and not trivializing any late delivery, even the worst-case scenario, this load might have been only a few mins late. the even bigger problem, and the point of this letter, is k&b transportation's consistent, willful, and wanton violations of state and federal laws, including falsifying their drivers' hours-of-service logs, in their attempt to get closer to their goal of "99.99% on-time". after my getting only maybe 3 hrs sleep during my mandatory 10-hr break, one of the company's night dispatchers called my phone at 03:10 am...

K&B Transportation - Nebraska / run you to death and wont pay

Apr 6, 2012

There are crooks and liars. and low lifes.they are holding my checks cause they payin for plane ticket for some body to pick my truck up in and they are taking the money out of my check.they never told me this in orientation..and i offerd a two week notice.and they left me stranded in 2006.i wish somebody would shut them down. they dont care about there drivers.they run down drivers over the qualcomm.they are all rude.i hope they lose every thing

K&B Transportation - Nebraska, South Sioux City / Not treating their employees right


No one in their right mind should work for this company! K&B Transportation will do anything to screw their drivers! I have been working for K&B for five months and in that time it took them three months to pay back a $205 hotel bill. After arguing with them for three months, it finally was paid but not fully. Then, they have a recruiting bonus that states the new hire must attened orientation and deliver first load on time for the person that recruited them to get paid a $500 recruiting bonus! I recruited a driver he met the requirements for me to get paid this bonus. I was paid this bonus of...

K&B Transportation - Nebraska, South Sioux City / theft & unfair treatment of employee


i decided after much thought 1 week after going to work for k&b transportation that the job was not for me and i wanted to go home i told this to my superviser and he said go ahead and do another load and thay would get me back to the terminal i said no i want to head to terminal today to return the truck and go home after some argueing i was autherized to bring the truck in empty and was given till 1 pm to turn it in i arrived in the yard at 3 am tired went across the street to motel got up 10 am to get my belonging from truck and turn in keys only to find out thay had allready moved the...

K&B Transportation / Fraud and cheating


I thought they were a standup company as well. I went through all of that with the log book as well as the hours of service violations. I even had to buy tires for a D&H trlr i picked up in Macon, Ga. I told Sean i didn't do it but since they control your pay, he made me pay half. The last straw came when i was taking a load to Colorado and was passing threw Oklahoma. I had to take 10hr break so i parked at a Loves trkstop. I brushed my teeth with the water, which i later found out had a virus in it, and it parallelized the right side of my face. Me tryna be the dedicated driver took the...