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Kabeara Samoyeds Complaints & Reviews

Kabeara Samoyeds - Illinois, Lockport, illinois / puppy mill

Oct 31, 2018

I bought our first Samoyed over 12 years ago from Teresa and he was an amazing, beautiful dog. When he passed away we decided to get another Samoyed from Teresa. Our first visit to Kabeara 12 years ago was a different experience then the one we had recently. 12 years ago the facility was wide open. I met the 3 males and 3 female adults. She only had 6 puppies and you could see the entire facility upon arrival. Our last visit in 2017 we were walked into a small holding area. The puppies were originally broufht out covered in mud and feces. As I peeked through the swinging doors I saw large...

Kabeara Samoyeds - Illinois, Lockport / Refuses to forward AKC #

Jan 12, 2014

I'm looking to find if anyone else has had this problem with her with this litter of puppies? In September 2013 I purchased a male puppy from Teresa Haver Kabeara Samoyeds, Lockport, IL. The cost of the puppy $1500.00. I paid an additional fee approximately $400 for shipping via air freight from Lockport, Illinois to Elmira, NY. I'm not going to address the fact the puppy was infested with Giardia and was treated by my vet within two days of his arrival. I was also informed by my vet the puppy had an umbilical hernia making him not suitable for breeding if it was congenital. Teresa...