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A Oct 31, 2018

I bought our first Samoyed over 12 years ago from Teresa and he was an amazing, beautiful dog. When he passed away we decided to get another Samoyed from Teresa. Our first visit to Kabeara 12 years ago was a different experience then the one we had recently. 12 years ago the facility was wide open. I met the 3 males and 3 female adults. She only had 6 puppies and you could see the entire facility upon arrival. Our last visit in 2017 we were walked into a small holding area. The puppies were originally broufht out covered in mud and feces. As I peeked through the swinging doors I saw large males in their own crates but the females were two to theee to a crate. You could no longer see the entire facility and it smelled bad. We had driven several hours and decided on a puppy. When we got home I told my vet what I had seen at the facility and that my suspicion was this breeder has become a high end puppy mill. She went online and read the complaints. Based on what I saw she recommended I call the local police which would be the Joliet Police Departmenr and the local Joliet Humane Society. I contacted both but considering it is Joliet, the police had higher priority investigations then to look into a puppy mill. The Humane society never returned my call showing their own lack of care for animals. I have contacted other agencies and I await their reply. I believe Teresa used to be a reputable breeder but has now become a puppy mill. She always has a story of sorrow either her husband has just died which it has been several years already, she can't keep staff, another red flag. A reputable dealer, breeding responsibly would not require a large staff. It is time for her to close her business. Please do not buy puppies from her. I have been to the facility and it is not a good situation. If you have bought a puppy and it became ill report it to your local aithoriities. Teresa is dealing with out of state purchases and there are not enough complaints coming into the Humane society of police department who govern her. I would highly recommend you call the Illinois department of agriculture and report your experience and your puppies condition. In the end, it has been determined that our puppy is younger than papers indicate and she was taken from her mother too early. She has all the conditions that come with early removal from the mother.

puppy mill

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    The puppies I this photo are not this clean and are stacked as a puppy mill would stack puppies with fences and urine raining down to the puppies below. This is a staged photo from the breeders website. The number of puppies and the stacked crates should be the first warning sign of a problem and the first indications that she is now a puppy mill.

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