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John Moore Plumbing Complaints & Reviews

John Moore Plumbing / Spam me out of money

Sep 23, 2014

John Moore plumbing service spam us out of our money, We was charged $8500.00 for plumbing to be fixed. The next 2 days after John Moore finish the work the plumbing start back doing the same thing it was doing before the John Moore servicemen came out. I called to compliant about the plumbing problem being the same as before, and they came back out and said they found something else that was wrong with the plumbing. I needed to pay $21.000 more to get my plumbing fixed. I ask why would they take $8500.00 from me if that service they did was not going to fix my plumbing. I would not have spend...

John Moore Plumbing - Texas / over charged


I was ripped off by John Moore. They charged $807 to replace a 15 ft PVC pipe. It was an emergency but afterwards I got 5-6 bids on the job andwas told it should not have cost more than $200. THey charged $599 for a 15 ft piece of PVC pipe that would have cost less than $15. I have tried talking to them but they just blow me off. They are crooks who take advance of people when they are in a tough situation.