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JK Harris Complaints & Reviews

JK Harris - South Carolina, Goose Creek / Status of Fraudulent complaints

Apr 15, 2011

After reading complaints by consumers through business dealings with JK Harris, my husband and I are confused with regard to pursuing with their services. Moreover, we are unable to afford a lawyer since we have exhausted our monies into our monthly payments for the required fees. We are now being haunted by their collections department with regard to the balance of the required fees before they could pursue the service - knowing that we could be loosing the monies we paid and will continue to pay. Help!!! Helen Panis 4901 Efthemia Way Elk Grove, CA 95758 (916) 212-2103

JK Harris / Stole my money


I am pissed at JK Harris & Co.. LLC, because those *** stole $12, 500 from me 5 years ago. They had stalled for time all these years and now they say they cannot do anything for me. They also will not give me back any money, since they said they sent out two letters and never got a response from the IRS or the California State Tax Board, so they give up. They said I had to contact them myself and if I ever call or mail them anything again they will have the FBI arrest me for asking anymore questions. I just thought I am entitled to get my questions answered by them, but they told me, "no...



Tax Defense Network Is no different than JK Harris or Tax Masters! I was Originally ripped off by Tax Masters With a sales pitch that promised me an Offer In Compromise With no results and an up front fee of 5 GRAND!! Well guess what. I called JK Harris and got the same answer to my Tax problems. Did not trust it for a second. So i kept looking for a reputable Tax Company. I called TDN and you know what? they told me the same thing as Tax Masters and JK Harris! FIVE Thousand Dollars for an Offer In Compromise that i knew darn well i wasn't qualified for. Finally i got Help from Dave at US...

JK Harris - Illinois, Elgin / IR TAX MATTERS


JK HARRIS charge over 5, 000, 00 for a solutions with IRS Tax matters I paid to them around $3, 700.00 with no solution; instead IRS garnish and levy my BANK AACT I take step and hire a lawyer for negociate Payment Agrement with the iRS. I paid to the lawyer $1, 000.00 to help us with the AGREMENT with the IRS. JK Harris manager and Representatives are not frienly and no anwer the phone calls. No orientation from them and doesnt explain clear the details, When I walk to the first appoinment in JK Harris office in SCHUMBURG IL the saleperson make a contract charge a downpayment ; explain in...



My wife and I are engineers and worked as independent contractors in the early 2000's for the electric company. We ended up losing our contracts at the same time and ended up having to live off our savings. My wife finally started working again in several years after we relocated to California. Long story short she starts being garnished and letters start coming in the mail that we owed $80, 000 to the IRS!!! So we called up JK Harris after seeing a commercial... THEY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I'm serious. Other than require $600 per month for over two years from the both of u...

JK Harris / Tax Help


Recently our firm (877-517-0067) has been receiving calls from consumers that have been complaining about Tax Masters and Jk Harris. It seems that these two companies are telling everyone that calls in that they qualify for an Offer in Compromise. If you want an OIC all you have to do is download form 656 off the IRS website and submit it. on the site they even tell you what qualifications are necessary to qualify for an Offer in Compromise. Let me be the first to tell you that if you qualify for an OIC you do not have any money to pay a tax preparer of any kind thousands of dollars to do thi...

JK Harris / Rip off artist


I contacted JK Harris to help me resolve an old tax debt in February of 2009. They gave my case to a local representative by the name of Randall E. Franzen. I met with Mr. Franzen on 2/18/09. I told him that the IRS has put a levy against my paycheck and bank account, (approximately 65% of my net income was garnished), which only left me with about $500 per month to live on. After going over my expenses Mr. Franzen said, his company could remove the levy against my paycheck and get me debt reduced. He said the cost would be $3200, which included a $350 deposit. I told Mr. Franzen I do not have...

JK Harris - Pennsylvania / Fraud


I had recieved a notice from the IRS that I had unfiled taxes for two years and owed about $20, 000 dollars in back taxes. I called JK Harris for help and after metting with thier "consultant" and paying them $1, 250 dollars to invetigate my situation, I was told the were going to be able to help me. I then had to pay them another $850.00 to file my two years of taxes. About two months later I received a call that the "consultant wanted to meet with me. At the meeting he gave me copies of the taxes that they had prepared, but not filed, and was told I had to file these myself. I was told that...

JK Harris - Texas, Galveston Houston / IRS Tax Scam


After filing taxes with Turbo Tax for years we were hit with an amount we spposedly owed the IRS. After seeing JK Harris commercials on TV we contacted the 800 number and met with a consultant in Houston, TX. We paid over 2K after being assured that it was a 1099 error and they would be able to remove penalties and interest. We issued a check to JK Harris and still owe the IRS the same amount. They have yet to complete our 2008 income tax ande are being charged penalties/interest for that also. We were involved in Hurricane Ike, lost 2 vehicles, a whole garage full of tools, motorbikes, sport...

JK Harris - South Carolina, North Charleston / JK Harris Tax Scam


JK Harris is one of the biggest scams going in America. I paid them $750 up front to have the services of their tax accountants and to represent me in my case against the IRS. For more than 2 years they never once responded to any of my requests for help. For the life of me, I have no idea how this company stays in business, maybe it's those clever ads they run on all of the cable channels. I know that JK Harris is under investigation by the federal government, but those investigations usually take years. Be advised, never give them any money because you'll be left on your own just like me.

JK Harris / Awful company


JK Harris is quoted as being a friend to the consumer dealing with the IRS - My husband and I find that to be false and have read many blogs of unhappy people as to the actions of this company. How do they get away with it??? I was audited by the IRS for undeclared taxes. Being on disability for severe chronic pain, this mistake was made by me - adding instead of subtracting a number. In any case, a representative told me that JK Harris could help me get payments with the IRS for $50 a month. I was a little hesitant and so was my husband, about giving the rep a $950 fee to start the "procedure"...

JK Harris / NO tax help,NO refund


I hired JK Harris to submit an offer in compromise to the IRS. Paid them $2050.00 for services never rendered. Ended up having bank account levied and settling with Irs on my own. Had them cease all work on my behalf and submitted a refund agreement. The agreement was only for $1600.00. The agreement said I would see a refund in 90-120 days, that was almost a year ago and no refund. These people are a rip off and I advise not using their company. If you have tax problems with the IRS talk to them directly or find a local attorney for help.

JK Harris / False advertisement!


This company took our money and did nothing for us. They will not speak with us or refund our money. What they offer is free at IRS. IRS will assist you in whatever you need. If you don't go to IRS NOW you will end up later going to them, because this company almost caused me to lose my home and my tax debt doubled. Pay no attention to their advertisement!