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InStyler / Falling apart after little use!

Rebecca Gomez 75 on Mar 16, 2014
I ordered this product for my daughter because she has frizzy hair and it works great but I've only used it four times since I bought it. So today she asked if I'd straighten her hair and I pull it out and start using it and notice the bristles are starting to fall out of the damn thing!!! One side of it is perfectly fine but the other apparently has issues!!! I paid way too much money for this thing and now the warranty is up!!! How do I even get replacement parts and why are they even allowed to charge so much for a product that's just going to fall apart after a few uses?!

InStyler / Instyler

disgustedwithinstyler on Jun 18, 2012
This product is not for ethnic hair types despite the models and videos. Using on actual ethnic hair does not produce desired results. The return authorization dept doesn't make returns easy, especially if they can't find you in the system. Billing turns immediate non pay over to collection agencies even when they are at fault. The collection agency used Accurate Recovery has rude and clueless employees who don't care about proof of payments only what their customer has reported to them. This is a scam that is only meant to take your money and not provide any resolutions. By the...

InStyler / defeactive product, take payments on the wrong date without informing you.

jtgreen on Mar 5, 2012
I thought this product was great until i used it the first time & half way through doing my hair the brush started to melt & burned my head badly! I just spoke to the company because in edition to that problem, they decided on their own to changed the dates at which they were to automatically withdrawal the money for this product out of my checking account, changed my payment dates without permission from me without my knowledge . So I would never suggest this product to anyone! Since they when I called to have this problem fixed, they did nothing. They told me to send the product back with me...

InStyler - California, Ontario / Return policy a scam

Jamie Bledsoe on Jan 7, 2012
I purchased the Instyler shell rollers for a free trial for 30 days. They did NOT work on my hair as advertised. I waited on hold for over 20 min. 2 days in a row to get an authoroization code to return them. This department is only open M-F for very limited hours. I wrote a written explanation complete with phone numbers and returned them before my 30 days were up. Instyler returned the rollers to me with a note saying I had to follow their return policy. It is impossible to get through to customer service to get an authorization code. Now my 30 days are up and I will have to pay shipping...

InStyler / very bad result

pooja1990 on Nov 28, 2011
i ordered instyler from homeshoppingindia.com.i received the styler but the result is so bad.my hair doesn't get straight.the product is also not good.styler doesn't get hot as required and it switches off automatically after few seconds.i spent 3000 rs for product and 150rs for courier now when i complained about the product they are telling to send the product back to them.in this i will have to spend another 150rs and after that also if i am not satisfied with result, they say that there is no way out.i am very unsatisfied with the product as well as the site services

InStyler / Dangerous instrument, poorly made

1vteom on Jul 7, 2011
I was given the Instyler as a gift.e hair. I watched the instructional video on our shopping channel and followed instructions to the letter using it on myself and on three others.I received a serious burn on my hand, neck only because I had turned the heat down to low. After 5 uses the barrel began to rotate irregularly as though it was out of balance. I had this instrument examined by a friend who is a hairdresser and another who is an engineer. In thr opinions of both, the Instyler is a cheaply, poorly conceptuqlized machine which can be esxtremely dangerous and should NEVER be used by children because of the probability of burns. I discarded mine but considered it a well-learned lesson!

InStyler / Not delivered till date

Bliss9 on Mar 31, 2011
I bought the instyler rotating iron about 5 months ago for Cd$ 8O and it still hasn't being sent to me.I e-mailed the company several times but they either never reply back or reply whenever they feel like it and they never give any concrete excuse. The company is fraudulent and should be treated as such by law enforcement. The warning sign was that they don't have a phone number and I regret buying from them period!

InStyler / Bad Burns !!! Do not buy

Pbros on Feb 17, 2011
This product sounds good, but I followed instructions & used thier """ safety piece" and still ended up w/third degree burn on my face - which now I will walk around scarred - I'm hoping in writing this that no parent will buy this for their teenager when the ask for it - pay the extra hundred & send them to a salon for a keratin straightening ! It's dangerougs and the company will hold absolutely no accountibility whatsoever - when a consumer follows their instructions & uses the safety piece as they recommend than burns should not happen & if they do responobility should fall somewhat on them !

InStyler / Instyler is okay if you don't have thin hair!!

Veradomazetis on Feb 17, 2011
If you have thin hair the Instyler will not work for you as the grip is not tight enough and your hair will just slip through the brush and barrel. I still get burns on my forehead, even with the safey burn gaurd that is provided. I find that the instyler cannot get close enough to your face/forehead because the barrel is to large. It is hotter than most flat irons and I can smell the hair burning, if I turn down the heat then it doesn't work that great. I use it carefully once in a while.

InStyler / problem with the product

tinapaul on Feb 16, 2011
instyler...is not at all working since the day ive got the productt...its soo rediculous...the customer service is soo irresposible...the hot cylinder is not at all roatating...will u people kindlyy respond to us..and exchange the product..customer service talks so polietly untill we get the product after that...these people dont answer to any calls...

InStyler / I got 3rd degree burns from the Instyler

LadyCoop on Feb 15, 2011
I purchased the Insytler rotating iron and burned the side of my face by my temple area and my neck.I took it back right away, nothing should ever be that dangerous to leave anybody with 3rd degree burns. The company needs to consider safety guards to prevent a person from serious injury. Imagine if this was a child that could've been injured, and this iron doesn't even come with some sort of stand to set it down some where with out melting something. All I know is I won't suggest anyone go buy this Instyler iron.

InStyler / Waste of money

Afroman on Feb 11, 2011
Im African American and i always wan't to try out the Instyler because on the commericals and other demos I saw you could use it on our type of hair. Before making the finial descion I went to the website and saw they had a section for how to style Afrivan American hair, therefore I was soild on trying it. I purchased one from walmart and it turned out to be the BIGGEST WASTE OF MY MONEY!!! The company selling these has no idea as to what hes doining when it comes to our hair. How dare it even advertise it on their website. It left my hair dry and just didnt look good overall. I WILL BE sending it back for a full refund. My advise to you is to stick with the CHI. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THE INSTYLER

InStyler / Not worth the money

Elizabeth33 on Feb 1, 2011
I have this item and just today the top of my instyler came off with only 5 months of purchase in Wal-Mart. I was so frustrated since I dint get to finish my hair. I decided to call the company 800-307-0078 and spoke with and agent fist and advice him I had send the registration card as they advertise this is in their website www.getinstyler.com for any future claims but he dint want to help me so I decided to talk to main supervisor Chris he dint want to provide me with his last name then I advice him about the problem. This is what he told me that the stylers that are out there in the store...

InStyler / Bad customer service

Frannie39 on Jan 25, 2011
I called the company for instyler and made sure from the customer service rep that no more would be put on my c.c. or sent to me and they did it anyways and r trying to tell me that i have 2 pay for them both. now i need this to be completely off my c.c and i will not expect anything less!this is wrong to do to anyone! they get ur c.c.# and use it to their own advantage and that is illegal!! fix this now or i will sue u for the charges plus all i have to go through to fix this!

InStyler / Don't buy from them

Let me begin by saying I have had my InSyler for a few months it was not until yesterday that I realized that the small tag on the end by the plug in says "Warning the power cord in this product contains lead, a chemical known to the State of California to cause (cancer, and) birth defects or other reproductive harm. WASH HANDS AFTER HANDLING." I have used this product several times and love the product I wish they would put another cord on the product. I so would not have purchased it, if I had know it contained lead, the sad part is I have had it to long to return it.

InStyler / Stinks

Do Not Buy The InStyler! I purchased the InStyler October 2009, in the 2-for-1 deal. My sister and I wanted to give each other the InStyler for Christmas 2009. I have used it maybe 2 or 3 times since December 2009. This morning, with half of my hair straightened, the rotating iron part came loose, the top cap came off, and screws came out. I tried to fix it after the iron cooled, but to no avail. I pulled out my credit card statement from October 2009, and called the 1800 number. I was told that the 12-month warranty had expired. I said I understand, but is there anything they could do for me...

InStyler / Priced piece of junk

The InStyler straightening iron is assuredly the least effective hair straightener I've ever used. I was duped into buying it and sorely regret that decision! I spent $50 on it (a "discounted" price) and only used it once. It did not straighten my coarse, thick hair any better than a blow dryer would. I set it on the highest heat setting, and it left my hair looking big and frizzy. I've used other straighteners that work much, much better. I would strongly advise against buying this, especially if you have thick or coarse hair. It doesn't work!

InStyler / Overcharged

Ordered the instyler 9/2009 buy one get one 'free' I din't like so I called 10/23/09 @ 1:16 pm to arrange to return both - the agent advised that if I return them I will be charged $14+ for S&H - she offered that if I keep them both and give them as gifts i would be charged $46 x 2 = 93.28. I have been charged 13 payments of $14.99 = $194.87 so far and have not seen a credit on my credit card - impossible to reach them during business hours - I work then.

InStyler / Don't waste money on them

DO NOT WASTE A DOLLAR OF YOUR MONEY!!! Biggest rip off ever and customer support suggestion is to give them another $100 plus buy an extended warranty. They have a product that they know is defect, they know the top of the barrel comes off. I used this item 5 i repeat 5 times not only did it fly across the room it burnt my face and hand. They sell this item as a buy one for 14.99 and get second one free trust me if you can even get it to work you will need second one it it last past 5 uses. Save your money give the 100 away money will be better spent.

InStyler / Not as promised

My son bought the instyler for myself and his girlfriend. He ordered from the television gettting two for one offer. She has very straight hair and I have extremely curly hair. The instyler would not even begin to straighten my hair and it did not make a difference in hers at all. This is the absolute worst product that I have ever used. Not even one promise made on the funciton of the equipment was true. I would advise everyone to save their money and not buy this product. It is a true piece of junk and a complete disappointment!!
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