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Indy Mac Bank Complaints & Reviews

Indy Mac Bank / Loan Modification


MY GOD! Is there NO ONE who is educated enough to read and understand what they are reading? After sending SEVERAL letters to the VICE PRESIDENT of One West (a division of Indy Mac) I get yet another letter, asking me to fill out yet ANOTHER "loan modification" application. The first application was rejected, due to my inability to provide proof of my "long term ability" to pay my mortgage. I am disabled and I live on a stipend from my union which will end in July of this year. INDY MAC stated that I was ineligible for a "modification" due to my short term monetary situation. SO...I applied for a...

Indy Mac Bank / Lied to


After my wife had emergency surgery to her back she no longer brought home any money.After 4 months I contacted Indy mac for help, after two more months with no word from Indy Mac I called again this time I was two days from being 30 days past due, still Indy Mac couldn't help so I waited until they called me which was about 3 days later this time I was 30 days past due and they were willing to help me, they told me my loan was going to be modified for me to pay 200.00 less each month for 3 months and my loan would be modified.After 3 months Indy Mac called and said I was seriously behind...

Indy Mac Bank / victim of predator leanding


INDYMAC BANK is a predator they should be stop by a big law suit.I was a victim of KATRINA.I have been talking to IMB to help me during KATRINA they denied any programs that they have.I had to redo the entire first flood with my money .I am disable man with little income all my money i use it to fixed the house cause my insurance dont cover flood eveything has going up double.When i call IMB about helping me they refuse to help me but when i was behined on my mortgage i kept sending late fees.I spend thousands in fixing the house all my saving went into the house every time i call IMB i been...

Indy Mac Bank / Construction to Permanant Loan Conversion


My wife and I contracted with Indy Mac Bank in October of 2007 to finance our New Home Construction in SE Pennsylvania. At the settlement table, which was delayed for approx. trying to sift through rates, etc... we were promised a 30 year fixed rate, one percentage point higher than the current market rate at the time of the conversion to the permanant mortagage. We never received the paper work confirming our verbal offer with the representative of Indy Mac Bank in Atlanta. We selected Indy Mac Bank because we would only go through closing and settlement one time... Now that our home i...

Indy Mac Bank - Hawaii / My Ridiculous Loan


Is There A Class Action Suite for this: May 2006 I was given 2 loans from IndyMac Bank to buy a house. I was told I had to get a second job to afford I did. (I was going through a horrible depression at the time, would have jumped off a bridge if anyone had told me to). I have no all, no retirement, , , literally nothing. At first the loan was about $300 more than more than it ended up being because the taxes and ins. were included. I definitely couldn't afford that on only 2 jobs and there weren't enough hours in the day to get a third. The amt. was lowered...

Indy Mac Bank - California / Mortgage


I have always paid myhome loan two weeks early with Indy Mac. After my last payment for July, I couldn't get the interest and principle to add up to my payment amount when I received the returned payment statement. Then I notice down in an obscure area of the statement a charge for a $30 miscellaneous fee. Never happened before after 3 years paying on this loan. No reason given for the fee. Tried to contact Indy Mac Bank by phone. Put on hold for 20 minutes. Yes, the dummy voice kept telling me that my call was important to them. Apparently not! Tried to log on line to my account, but...