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Imperial Law Group Complaints & Reviews

Imperial Law Group / payday advance loan

Jul 05, 2019

I received a letter from Imperial Law Group today in the mail claiming I owe Money Mart for a payday loan. They are also claiming to sue me for "NSF Fraud". The letter claims that they also sent this to Wyandotte County, Kansas Court as well. I have no idea who this company is and have never done business with this company. The filling seal on this letter doesn't even have a state, county or imprint. I also believe this company called my parents' house threatening to have the police come to their house to arrest me.

Imperial Law Group - California, Dublin / upfront fee scam

Jun 03, 2014

Imperial Law Group, is a upfront fee scam designed to take your hard earned money away from you. They promise to settle your unsecured debts for you and get you debt free. Here is the scam - 1. You pay an attorney retainer fee of $700.00 dollars in the first 6 months 2. You pay 15% of your total debt upfront over 24 months. 3. You pay $50.00 dollars a month in Legal Admin Fees. 4. You pay $10.25 a month in banking fees. Their goal is take all your money away from you as quickly as possible and never settle your debts and force you into BK. Please read your "Payment Confirmation Schedule" Look...

Imperial Law Group - California, DUBLIN / debt consolidation

Mar 19, 2014

Imperial Law Group handled my recent debt consolidation program and I was very pleased. I was a bit nervous at first but the process was smooth and professional. They sent a field agent out to my house and went over everything with us in detail. They were able to save us almost 50% on our balances and payments. The fees were high but I liked the fact that they rolled them into the payments. After shopping around I learned that their fees were actually low in comparison to some of the other companies I got quotes from. I also liked that they were a law firm and I was able to verify my...