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Immuno Laboratories Complaints & Reviews

Immuno Laboratories / Insurance billing fraud

Feb 29, 2012

Immuno labs told me back in 2010, that if they did allergy testing I would only be charged $355.00. If they were to file to insurance on my behalf they would bill insurance company $910, but my expense would only be $355. This was regardless if it was applied to deductible, co-insurance or if carrier did not pay at all. I was informed that this was the protocol because they had lost their contract with BC/BS. To further verify this NEW information I had contacted my physician’s office and they too were informed by their sale rep that this was correct. So I stated to bill my carrier...

Immuno Laboratories / Insurance fraud or something close to it

Jan 25, 2012

Immuno labs told me and the patient that if they did allergy testing on her all she would be billed out of her pocket was $355.00. They filed insurance on behalf of the patient and charged the insurance company $1540.00. The break down of this is a follows Pt paid 355.00, the insurance company paid them Immuno $624.00 Balance owed was 561.00 they were to adjust off per the conversation they told us...yet they billed the patient the balance of $561.00. The patient has a string of emails that back up just I said which I have in my hand. Finally after several days of nego negotiation They...