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Huntington Mortgage Complaints & Reviews

Huntington Mortgage - Ohio, Toledo / Loan modification

Sep 09, 2016

I have spent about the last year trying to get through s loan modification with Huntington Mortgage and they've done nothing but jerk me around. The girl working with me was Jessica Nevachevski. And I can't believe she still has a job. She made me raise my flood insurance from 69, 000. To 89, 000 and I only owe 69, 000. I said won't that rise my payment. Her response was not that much. She gave me the 3 month initial payment plan which was wonderful and before the 3rd month was here the modification said it was now to be $140 more a month which was more than the original amount that I couldn't...

Huntington Mortgage / Imbursement of Appraisal Fee

Feb 13, 2014

After an intrusional amount of calls to refinance my current mortgage, I allowed Tyler Yarnell access to my credit, and banking info. On [protected] he debited my checking account for $350. I wouldn't had known it had I not checked my account online that night. The next day I told Mr Yarnell that I was declining the loan and appraisal process, to please credit my account $350. I also contacted the Appraiser before they even had a chance to schedule with me, told them I had declined the loan. A couple weeks passed, Mr Yarnell kept telling me it takes time, but that I would be imbursed. I...