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Huntington Learning Center Complaints & Reviews

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Huntington Learning Center - New York / Director was rude when wanted to discontinue son

madas**** on Feb 13, 2013
Two months ago I enrolled my son in Huntington Learning Center because he was failing 7the grade Math and English. As a single mother, the cost of $10, 500.00 was money I did not have but was willing to take out a loan and do what I could do to help my son with his studies. They tested him and said he was at a fourth grade reading level and said he would need 240 hours of work to bring him up to grade level. My concern was how was he going to catch up with his studies as well as keep up with his current studies. My concerns were validated because after 2 months and $4, 200.00 later my son did...

Huntington Learning Center / Tutor Slapped kid

Every day my child has gone to Huntington I have had my child have complaints about a teacher slapping a kid every time he didn't get something. My child has never wanted to go to Huntington when his time was. So I had a solution that was to sneak in in his seccsion and see if it was really going on and it was! OH MY GOD! I took Michel out of their right that minute! I went into that Huntington and started cussing at them and also they didnt notice and care what was going on its so retarted! I never put my child back in Huntington ever again! My advice is to not start Huntington or if your in Huntington watch what goes on their.

Huntington Learning Center - New York, New York / Sexual Harrassment

The franchise owner frequently makes inappropriate sexual comments to tutors and staff. Huntington Learning Center should not allow this man to be associated with their name. Anyone who works in that center could easily speak of his inappropriateness and lack of caring. When he is present at the center, there is a large sense of discomfort among both tutors and students.

Huntington Learning Center / This place should be shut down

I signed my child up for tutoring, at a cost of $10, 000. After about a month I did not witness any progress, so I went to speak with Maria Benischek, the Director of Education. Maria appeared intoxicated, and told me not to worry about it, the center had it covered. Not being satisfied with this response, I spoke with Audrey Viscardi, the Center Director, who told me my child was mentally deficient. She said the center could not help my child, however, my $10, 000 was nonrefundable so I might as well just keep him in the program. This place should be shut down!

Huntington Learning Center - Illinois, Chicago / Don't work for them

Huntington Learning Center in Chicago treats its employees poorly and takes advantage of its customers. Don’t even bother wasting your time. You work hard there, but for little to no money. The hiring and treatment of the directors is awful. It was their ethics that drove me away. Additionally, the directors have very little education experience -- one of them has an education degree but has never worked in a classroom or actually taught on a full time basis They do hire absolutely everyone, make you go through training and take exams for your license. When you start, you have a rough...

Huntington Learning Center - Arkansas, Little Rock / Bad Employer

Huntington Learning Center in Little Rock treats its employees poorly and takes advantage of its customers. The materials they use are sometimes up to 20 years out of date, the methods they use are so rigid and lockstep that if your child has any unusual circumstances they will simply not know how to handle them, and additionally the owners have very little education experience -- one of the owners has an education degree but has never worked in a classroom or actually taught on a full time basis. I have also witnessed quite a bit of incompetence and dishonesty there, including violating their...
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Student Falls For Nigerian Fraud
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