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Huntington House Complaints & Reviews

Huntington House / Sectional Sofa

Jun 14, 2016

I purchased a sectional sofa for $6, 600 from Huntington house in Fall of 2015. The Sofa had numerous quality issues. These includes 1) Poorly attached backing to sofa 2) Cushions not stuffed entirely 3) Pillows with seams not fully stitched 4) Poorly constructed seams on the Chaise lounge 5) Interior stuff that was cut at seams and coming out. All this was noticed upon delivery, and setup. This was positioned as a high quality sofa, that should be well constructed in quality and appearance. I was very displeased. I asked for a full refund because the product was poor workmanship and...

Huntington House - North Carolina / poor quality sofa


I purchased a Huntington House Sectional from Southern Design Furniture in N Carolina in August of 2008. Within months the semi attached pillows were ripping away from the back of the sofa. These are the picture of the ripping pillows. FIVE out of SEVEN of the semi attached pillows are ripping, including the one that was repaired by the upholsterer that Huntington sent out after my initial call to them about the tears. In several pictures you can see that the stuffing is also now coming out. These ripped pillows are on both sides of the sectional as well as the middle. This sectional is le...