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Jun 30, 2016

I have recently become a victim of an online dating blackmail scam of The conversation posted to the website was with someone I believed to be a 26 year old from Long Island on the Adult dating site Plenty of Fish. At no time during that conversation was the age of 14 mentioned. I learned the conversation had been changed when it was posted online only after the extortionist from contacted me and tried to bait me in a Skyped conversation to admit wrong doing. One week after the call, I received another call from these thugs demanding a " donation" to... / Extortion Site

Nov 04, 2015

PredatorhuntersLi ( Huntingapredator. com) Uses the adult dating site Plenty of Fish to bait and entrap unsuspecting men. When the men are contacted by their decoy, she usually informs men that she is atleast 21 years of age. It is until contact cease that the age is changed to 14 when all chat and texting logs are modified. These men a responsible for destroying lives by falsely branding these men as (Child Predators). There is a reason why they remain anonymous. This tactics they practice are, illegal, immoral and predatory. If they were operating in earnest, they would not operate so covertly. But, they do have a donation box. -Stephan R. Prugrentamo ( former predator hunter) / Fake people

Oct 23, 2012

I signed up to website a month ago and I met fantastic woman there. After a while I started doubting about this acquaintance and this website in a whole. I found many complaints about this website. People told that it is a scam and there are fake people working there to attract clients.