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HomEq Servicing Complaints & Reviews Sorted by Most Reviews

HomEq Servicing / In the top 5 worst companies!


Homeq has got to rate in the top, 5 worst companies. It is unfortunate that substandard companies are able to operate for so long before they are shut down. I don't understand why Homeq will call you repeatedly every hour on the due date of payment, you due have a grace period.

HomEq Servicing / Contact info for CEO and Chief Financial officer!

I have the same complaint as all of you. Listed below is the email address' to the CEO and Chief Financial Officer of HomeQ Servicing. Maybe if enough people contact them - they will do something. [email protected] [email protected] 916-339-6134 phone to Keith Becher Good luck.

HomEq Servicing / Fraudulent foreclosure!

This Company is an evil, conniving, deceitful, rude, crooked and totally unfair. I have a first mortgage with EMC mortgage and HomEq is my second mortgage. I got behind two months on both mortgages because of medical and financial hardships. EMC worked with me and allowed me to catch up on my payments but not HomEQ. They started the foreclosure proceedings against and refused to accept my payments which caused my mortgage with them to get behind more and more.My position with my first mortgage is fine but HomEq has foreclosed and is trying to take my home. They only have a $25, 000.00 mortgage...

HomEq Servicing / Illegally harass, lies and deceitful practices!

I read Alan’s complaint regarding HomeEq Servicing. It’s amazing to me that this company is allowed to illegally harass home owners with their lies and deceitful practices. We are also victims of this HORRIBLE company that call themselves debt collectors. They make sure that you keep behind in your payments. They constantly harass you saying that your payment was not received or the bank rejected it. Even though my bank has no record that they tried to cash any of my last 2 payments. These check numbers are also missing on my statements and show as skipped numbers. They were paid...

HomEq Servicing / Stay away from them


We finally sold the house that ended up under homeq servicing ###. I feel for all of you that are trapped with them. The only advice I can offer you is to keep on top of your accounts and try not to speak to them on the phone. Our loan was sold to these ###. Our credit is excellent and we own another home with a local bank. Our local bank does not sell their loans. That is another key to peace of mind. Go local when applying for a mortgage and make sure they do not sell their loans. As for the person who said they never had a problem, they are most likely employed by the ### and are not...

HomEq Servicing / Loss Draft Department

We were effected by Hurricane Ike over 3 months ago. Our insurance company has sent us a check for the damages that was indorsed to us and HomEq Services. We have still not received the first installment. Every time that we call, they tell us that they don't have all the info that they need to send us a check. I know for a fact that this is not true because the check was attached to the documents. I fax and re-fax and still we can't get results. In the meantime prices are going up and more damage to our home is occuring. Tarps only keep out so much water.

HomEq Servicing / Predatory Lender

This company has denied to modify my home under the Hamp program even though they participate in this program and receive government funding. They are in the business to take your property and could care less about the american people or they homes. There are thousands of complaoints about this company and somebody shold do something about this company. This company is one of the reasons why we cant rebound from our current state in this economy. The Barclays capital own this company and no consumer should purchase or buy anything that relates to this company or the owner of this company. Lets make a stand as american homeowners towards predatory lenders like the Barclays.

HomEq Servicing / Forclosure Procedures


I had the worst loan, an 80/20. It's my first home and I unfortunately trusted the lenders and agents I worked with to help me. Nonetheless, I fell behind in Nov. and Dec. and called to make arrangements. Keep in mind that this is my 2nd mortgage, the 20%. My first mortgage worked with me and everything was fine. HomEq told me that they had already sent me into foreclosure. I tried to work out something but they wouldn't accept anything. I told them that the 1st mortgage worked with me and they have the majority stake in the property. They acted as if they didn't know there wa...

HomEq Servicing / Stolen Payment


We are also victims of a scam from Homeq Servicing. We made our December 2008 payment and it has cleared my bank and the money has been take out of my account. I received my January 2009 staement in mail and see that we owe for December 2008. I knew this was not correct. I contacted several different CSR personnel on several occasions and keep gettineg the run around. I have faxed at least to three different people a copy of the check that cleared the bank for December and they state that they need a better copy of the back of the check. The original back of the check is jus t like the copy i...

HomEq Servicing / unfair practices


I have used HomEQ “servicing” and have been put through hell!! Up until I recently has been the first time I was ever late with a payment for 2 years, then unfortunately was laid-off and have been catching up after being six months behind. In this time, I had been going back and forth with them trying to be approved for a loan mod. During the “back and forth” I was told to send in $1, 900 in order for them to open my account and view the files….they then, after taking the money of coarse, told me I was not approved for the loan mod. In the next breath they...

HomEq Servicing / Restroom Useage for Employees

Hi There, Currently there are some employees at Homeq Servicing who believe they are being mistreated. There is a particular supervisor who does not allow for her team to use the restroom unless it is on there break time. If the associtate uses the restroom other than his/her break then they are warned and advised to obtain a written Dr's note allowing for them to use the bathroom as if they have a problem or for some medical condition which may not exist. Once the Dr's note is obtained, then the associate is to give the note to the human resource department who will then allow the...

HomEq Servicing / Fraud

Servicing is NOT what this Company does. They have failed to respond to a CERTIFIED LETTER and THREE requests on their web site for loan modification. They employ the use of FALSE information (yes I have this in writing) to stall. They have denied me a loan modification review ststing that my first mortgage is over $729, 750.00, when in reality, my loan amount is less than #300, 000.00. When I complained, they disabled my online account which allowed me to view details of my mortgage.

HomEq Servicing / Fraud and Robbing me

In early 2006 my brother and I bought this place in the mtns of WNC and seem to be doing fairly well with mortgage. Then in early 2007 when it came time for taxes we learned the mortgage company forgot to escrow taxes and add me to the loan. So we were forced to refinance with another lender who was Novastar. My brother and I both asked about the taxes, insurance, and credit life insurance. So our payment went to 1197.00 per month with 11.2 percent ballon rider. He nor I had any clue what all that meant, but we were glad every thing was escrowed into one payment. We thought that saved us alot...

HomEq Servicing / There is hope!


You can possibly get away. I contacted HOPE through the program Presidet Bush said would help, not may on the list would even consider it. The NACA is the only ray of sunshine to help us with Homeq. They went to congress with a plan to help people stop foreclosures. They took down Fleet and Ford Associates... Their latest complaint included HOMEQ aka BARCLAY. Demanding that they bring in CEO's of the bottom 10 lenders that say they will refinance but they don't. Here is that link We have started to process with NACA and hope to get...

HomEq Servicing / They owe me thousands and aren't paying


Well i remortgaged to get rid of these useless people, they sent my title company a payoff figure.account was paid in full, they changed the payoff figure and kept thousands of my dollars. I am still trying to work with imbasils. They are a skeeming manipulative business that needs to be audited by the IRS and by congress and the senate. I want my cash. Just as I had paid them everyonth on time. I am lucky not to be in the positions of many but I can cirtinly see how they put many many families out on the street. They need to be shut down. Fined or made liable for the destruction they have done. Contact your senaror or congressman if you feel any of what I am saying hits home!! For it should really hit HomeQ.

HomEq Servicing / age discrimination

Worked for this company from 2001 until end of 2007, retired in 2007, but unable to find a part time position to supplement retirement income. This company advertised for a full time collections position and having worked in their Loss Mitigation department from 2001 until 2006, when I took a position in another department, made me more than qualified for the call center collection position. I submitted an online application and had I not previously worked for them probablywould have been called in for an interview due to my qualifications and experience as a collector. I definitely feel they...

HomEq Servicing / Loan Modification

I called to inquire about doing a home loan modification because my current interest rate is 9.5% and I was told by the customer service department that I wasn't eligible for a modification because my loan wasn't past due, my interest rate hasn't gone up and because according to the financial information, I have $200.00 left over each month once I pay all of my bills. What are the requirements of this program and is what they told me correct?

HomEq Servicing / my home


My loan was in an ARM at 12.5%. Homeq would do NOTHING to help resolve the problem. With the interest rates falling how can it still be that high especially when it said it couldn't go up if the rates were falling? I filed chapter 13 and they were still able to go from1384 to 1871. I began in chapter 13 going on 4 pmts. behind. I was in13 for 10 mths. and now Homeq says I am 10 mths. behind. I can't get a straight answer. I pulled out of bk because I couldn't afford 1871. Homeq said they'd modify my loan, sent in paper work just to be told nope, can't do it you didn't reaffirm your loan. They are scammers and no one will help.

HomEq Servicing / Stressful environment


I worked for Homeq Servicing since January of 2008, my last day on payroll was September 12, 2008. I resigned after they wrote me up and threatened to do it again and fire me. Reason I had to resign because I am pregnant and I have had quite a few complications. I made my supervisor and Human resources aware of the issue and got on PDL ( Pregnancy Disability Leave) which should allow me to take time off when I need it. Since then, I feel like I have been put under more stress than ever by the Human Resources Person who complained about everything I brought from my doctors. All the notes, she...

HomEq Servicing / Fraud and cheating


As a unhappy collections employee of Homeq Servicing here are some pointers for homeowners. 1 Do not take no for an answer, contact Hope Now Homeq will modify almost any loan if it comes from an outside agency. They will tell you your loan is not coded by the investor for a mod, this is crap I see them do mods all day long. They advise the employees do not offer mod if the customer does not ask for it. They are offering rates as low as %, ask for an afford ability mod, also don't let them tell you that only adjustable rate loans qualify. I have seen fixed rate loans, both first and...