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Higbee & Associates Complaints & Reviews

Higbee & Associates / extreme unethical behavior

Jul 31, 2018

Higbee and Associates led by Matthew Higbee is literally the worst of the worst. Here's what they do: The comopany RM Media intetionaly SEO'd their pictures to the top of Google "free for reuse" or "no copyright section." They did this to bring in as many copyright infractions as possible. The SEO trail is easy to see. They even out rank the big pictures houses in most image searches RM Media is the number one free image. They put a lot of effort into SEO ing all these pics to the front of Google free image search. But, at the same time they were commiting a massive fraud. They were not...

Higbee & Associates - California, Los Angeles / sued for copyright case when I was willing to settle... mean & wasteful!

Feb 29, 2016

Higbee & Associates sent me a letter demanding $950 because I used a photo of one of there clients and I did not know I had to pay for the photo. I thought the demand was unreasonable because I found the photo online and it did not have the copyright symbol on it. Rather than deal with this distraction, I accepted Higbee & Associates offer to settle the matter without a lawsuit for $950. But then Higbee still sued me just because I was a little late in sending payment and did not return their emails when I was on vacation for 2 weeks. Despite their talk about not wanting to sue me, they did it...