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Hendrik Honer Art Advisory Complaints & Reviews

Hendrik Honer Art Advisory - Florida / Fraud

Jan 06, 2013

Claas Hendrik Honer is now leeching off another acquaintance of his in Miami. He somehow bought a second hand suit from Good Will and is walking around and hanging out at art shows and acting like a big shot. Hendrik Honer is definitely seeking out a victim to defraud and take advantage of. Art collectors need to have their radars on on Hendrik Honer. Hendrik Honer also goes by Claas Hendrik Honer and the word on the street is he is a child molester and has sexual relations with his sister. I do not know whether Hendrik Honer having an incestous relationship with his sister is illegal in this country but I hope the authorities investigate Hendrik Honer.

Hendrik Honer Art Advisory - Florida, West Palm Beach / Hendrik Honer Still Committing Scams and Defrauding Public

Jul 01, 2012

Hendrik Honer is still actively scamming people throughoMr. Honer allegedly committed wire fraud, money laundering, and tax fraud by having multiple people help him wire funds using their own accounts or set up bank accounts and withdraw cash without ever paying any taxes on hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of high end paintings. If you Google Hendrik Honer now, you will see that he has set up dozens of fictitious websites where he portrays himself as a self- proclaimed art dealer preying upon unsuspecting people. Hendrik Honer, nor his family, have never been exposed to the world of...

Hendrik Honer Art Advisory - Florida, Boca Raton / Immigration Fraud

Jun 22, 2012

I have been victimized by Hendrik Honer. Mr.Hendrik Honer himself is the only criminal here and should be arrested and denied any legal access to the United States of America and deported back to his homeland Germany where in fact he potentially faces criminal charges due his family’s alleged illegal automotive activities which included bribing local government officials to name a few. The family dealership and private residence were raided by the German authorities and all of the family’s assets were seized, thus forcing Mr.Hendrik Honer to abandon his family and flee to the...