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Halt-Ten Collins Complaints & Reviews

Halt-Ten Collins - California, Tarzana / plumbing, neighbors


New people moved in upstairs in April 2009. They are so loud but no one cares. They play a drum set, yes, a drum set, for hours at a time. Imagine living underneath someone playing the drums. I have spoken with the manager several times but nothing is done about them. Sure she says they are getting a 3 day notice, or getting evicted, but their still here, still playing the drums. they play very loud music, have these crazy fights where the cops have to come break it up. Sometimes they fight in the middle of the night and wake us up. They stomp around upstairs and sometimes it sounds like they...

Halt-Ten Collins - California, Tarzana / Uncivilized treatment of apartment residents!


This company should not be allowed to operate an apartment complex. Many, many complaints but the two most obscene examples of their behavior are: 1. Water damage to an entire room due to an unfixed roof January '08 (lost computer & various other computer parts, many books, luggage, etc... 1, 000's of dollars worth of property), 20 calls (with two messages) left at the emergency line, manager's apartment, and rental company all unanswered... They do not use their emergency line (why have one, then?)... Of course, even though the losses were due to their negligence, they refused...