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Gurmit Vilkhu. Complaints & Reviews

Gurmit Vilkhu. / domestic violence instigator.

Feb 08, 2018

Gurmit Vilkhu of 68 Windmill Rd Coventry on the 26/12/17. Gurmit Vilkhu of 68 Windmill Rd Coventry instigated a situation between himself and his brother. Thus resulting in the arrest of his brother. As Gurmit Vilkhu expressed his insulting opinion in front of other's. Gurmit Vilkhu was reported to have been struck in the face by his brother after Gurmit Vilkhu directed his insult's toward his own brother on the night of the 26th dec 2017. Boxing day. After honor was reclaimed by Gurmit's brother by way of a blow to the face. Gurmit Vilkhu then reported his brother to the police and wa...

Gurmit Vilkhu. / illegal dossier on people.

Jan 22, 2018

Gurmit Vilkhu 68 windmill Rd along with his father nextdoor at number 70 Windmill Rd Coventry has been gathering illegally gained material on people. The information is kept in coloured folder's and is shown and passed around in order to get them hated. They try to convince people knowing there action's are unlawful. Asking certain individual's not to say anything and getting other people to spy for them illegally as stated in earlier complaint's. There always trying to get a certain person arrested all the time and will not leave this person alone. To tell you the truth i, m getting annoyed...

Gurmit Vilkhu. / illegal spying.

Jan 08, 2018

Yet again it has been brought to our attention about this individual's illegal activities concerning his neighbour's. Not only has Gurmit Vilkhu of windmill rd Coventry been illegally spying on his neighbour's but has also helped his father install listening device's in the wall's of a neighbour's property. Breaching the boundry walls in all room's up/down in the party wall of the property. The evidence is there as they;ve been passing it around and placing it on the internet . Like wise with his illegal covert camera footage we would like to thank the good sikh's in the community for bringing...