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Gucci Complaints & Reviews

Gucci / hand bag falling apart

Jun 1, 2015

I have purchased a bag from Gucci and the interior lining of the bag is deteriorating. (Pictures attached) As you touch the fabric, it becomes powder in your hand and gets undone. I turned in the bag to the Dubai Mall Branch and after 2 months, they wanted to charge me to fix the lining which is obviously a defected material!!!???????? I took the bag back only to use it as evidence that the Gucci material used is not up to the standards that they claim. I am now on a mission to report this to every social media, and consumer affairs website so people know the product they are buying may not be as you thought it was.

Gucci / Customer no-service


I have e-mailed the company three times (clientservices-usa AT and have received no replies. I just want to know if I can get a replacement band for my Gucci watch. Sent a photo, and #90001 found on back of the watch. I have since had the battery replaced and had her write down the numbers inside so I have them now also. I have heard that they are notoriously bad at customer service.

Gucci - New Jersey / Eluxury mall and store Scam!!!!


Ok well I found this forum after the fact but hoped it would be hard to tell. Well they are bad fakes so beware!!! I contacted the company and they tried to give $75 out of $250 back. Well I didn't agree and they told me to send it back to the address on the box. According to my credit card if you send it back and can prove it was received then your credit card will give a full refund. Hope this helps someone!!! I have to say this forum only comes up when you type eluxury mall. Someone if you can change that to just eluxury it would have saved me before I ordered. Eluxury used to be a retailer for authentic LV.

Gucci / no one gets back to you


i made a purchase from these thieves an so far, i have'nt received my item, i would send them emails on a regular but no one returns my emails. whenever i click on to customer on line, for some strange reason they magically comes off, after the fact that they see mt email, . i would never do business with these scams again

Gucci - California / Shoe Quality


I purchased two pair of Gucci sandals in Beverly Hills and wore them only a few times. The outside soles appear brand new but the inside liners began to fall apart. I sent them back to be repaired and was informed by a customer service manager that not all of their shoes are 100% leather. They told us, in fact, the inside liners were faux leather. They were only worn a few times and both pair were worn out. In addition, Gucci sent me a bill for $240 for each pair to replace the lining. My shoes were returned un-repaired seven months after I sent it to the company.