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GreenSky Complaints & Reviews

GreenSky - Georgia, Atlanta / billing

Sep 25, 2018

I used this company for a promotional offer from my dentist office. Biggest nightmare of my life. Filled out the paper work in the doctors office before the surgery on Sept 20, 2017. I never received anything in the mail from this company till November 2017 when I received the first bill from them. On this bill it said I was a month overdue and that I actually owed for two months. I had already contacted the company getting their information from the dental office because I had thought that they really needed to have sent me something between Sept 21 and Nov. 25th (approx date may be off a...

GreenSky / loan

Sep 13, 2018

Do not get a loan through this company. They literally steal money out of your account. I am in the middle of a dispute with them as I write this. My loan is paid off, but they continued taking money out of my account and did not apply the payoff money to my account. I can't believe this is through home depot. I've dealt with a lot of creditors and this is by far the worst experience i've ever had.

GreenSky - Georgia, Atlanta / poor customer service

Sep 29, 2015

When I tried to enroll to make a payment it stated that the account information was incorrect. I called the 1-800 number provided on the enrollment letter and spoke with a gentleman inquiring as to why it would not allow me to enroll; I was trying to make the first payment on the account. The gentleman was completely unhelpful and basically told me make sure I was entering the account number and zip code thanks genius, I never would have thought about checking to make sure those were correct. Please note, I was entering the information from the letter they provided. So after...

GreenSky / greensky credit online credit inaccuracies

Apr 07, 2014

GreenSky Credit was offered to me as promotional offer for some windows I was purchasing from a home improvement. I tend to do as much of my banking over the Internet as possible so as my charges came in I set up my online access to monitor my balances and make my payments. So far after two calls I have not been able to get my account summary page to reflect any charges or payments I have made to my account. I went ahead and made a payment to the account as I had a paper document showing that one of the expenses had come in on the account. This payment does reflect in my payment history but...