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Green Trends Complaints & Reviews

Green Trends / hair services

Jun 21, 2017

The service is really bad, within a single wash my straightening was so bad that it was straight at roots and at the ends but in between it was all curled up. When asked why? they blamed it on me, saying i must have done something wrong.. which I didn't as I have been straightening my hair for almost 6 years. After a discussion, the stylist decided to do straightening again which is a really bad thing for hair, still I had to agree as I had no other option other than chopping most of my hair (which I did not want to do). Even after following what they did, my hair is not straight at all. Waste of money and I boycott Green trends for life. And about customer service? whoa THE WORST!!!

Green Trends / Groping in the name of massage

Sep 26, 2016

I was at the green trends kphb 9th phase outlet in hyderabad. I had taken the hair spa package and after applying the serum, the person(name : suresh) had said that sholder massage is part of the package. I said go ahead and do only shoulders, but this guy...he groped me. He touched my breasts, even after my repeated saying.I felt so violated and just wanted to leave. I really dont understand why green trends lets men do massages for ladies, even if they did, why are men allowed to do massages for women.

Green Trends / Side effects of Waxing

Nov 17, 2013

Hi, I visited Green Trends Salon in Ramapuram on 15th November in the morning to get my hands and legs waxed and for hair colouring, everything went well and i returned home, late in the evening I noticed my legs started itching and found some rashes, I have been getting myself waxed for past 10 years and i have been visiting this salon for past 2 years, I am regular there. I usually request for a person named Hemalatha as she is good and i am comfortable with er work. Next day morning, had a high temperature and the rashes had formed pus, it was severe and not an ordinary allergy and so...

Green Trends / delay/no proper service

Sep 12, 2013

I went for to do an eyebrows and upperlips in the evening, the guy asked me to wait for sometime Later on a female came and said that she can do only for one person and she has to leave and asked me to wait till the time other female will come and do i waited for almost half n hr and the other lady comes and asks me why m i waiting i told her that she is upposed to do my eyebrows (which wouldnt have taken more than 5 min ))but this women had the odacity to tell me that she doesnt have time as she is doing facial, i told her then why was i asked to wait for so long, she didnt give any answer...

Green Trends / BAD work


i went for a hair cut at green trends at ashok nagar Chennai. i had to wait for half hour for that... yet i did assuming that their service would be good! for my surprise i to let some useless fellow cut my hair in such a way i feel so bad abt even having a cut! they charged me Rs.100 for that... realised that he had done the worst ever cut for me... best way to explain is that he left my sideburns in such a mess, , , , cos i din take photos to save the moment! don waste ur money at that place, ... people there are not qualified enough