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Great Atlantic Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Great Atlantic Warranty - Florida, Winter Haven / Warranty not honored

Feb 14, 2011

I purchased an extended warranty in May of 2008 for a 2005 Cadillac CTS which I had just purchased used. I now have to have some repairs done to the car but I am being told that the contract was voided. I contacted a representive about this matter but they have not gotten back with me to explain what the problem is. The service contract is honored by Trac Guard, but they can give me no information other than a phone number to contact Great Atlantic Warranty. The contract price was paid in full in May of 2008. I am attaching the documents that I received when I purchased the contract. The...

Great Atlantic Warranty / Fraud and scam


I was riped off almost a year ago by great atlantic warranty. The attorney general in Florida is supposed to be investigating this scam. I have not heard from them since Nov last year. It looks to me like GAW is going to get away with stealing my $1900 along with a lot of other peoples money. Where are the people responsible for this scam, AND why can't the attorney generals office do anything??? It's no wonder there are so many scams out there in the country since there does not seem to be any punishment for them. Where are our law makers and law enforcers and what are they doing about this? It seems nothing.

Great Atlantic Warranty / owed money


beginning of summer isent 850$ to u guys 4 a down payment to cover any problems i had with my vehicle, my name is zachary klear, coverage was 4 a 95 plymouth voyager. ive spent some time on the internet and found numerous people u have riped off in the past. basically heres the bottom line, if i dont have a ###ing check in my name by the end of december im gonna bring this to court, ive already got a lawer who well lets just say he guarantees me this case will be won.. i ve saved 4 a long time 4 this and i will not be takin advantage of by a low life insurance company, iaddress is p o box 343...

Great Atlantic Warranty / They should go out of business


I got a call from Great Atlantic Warranty recently when I just went thru 2 defective fix with my Passat. The girl asked me what makes Passat, and this was my first suspicion that they've never worked with VW. I told her I'll need to check with my dealership, at which point she said this was a final courtesy call. Then, I agreed to talk to their "Support Manager". He got down my CC information but, not my VIN since my VIN# was in the car and I refused to go into my car to look. Before I called him back, I checked with my dealership and it's not thru them, and my coverage is still...

Great Atlantic Warranty / Rip off


I bought an extended car warranty and thought it was great but RANDY WEBB in boca raton, fl; the guy who sold it to me was very deceitful and never returns my calls. It turns out when you call the 1-888-858-8448 it doesn't take you to a service rep just an answering service that is in a totally different state and all they do is pass a message along and guess what I never get a call back!!! I can't get a hold of anybody never!!! I want to cancel my warranty but I can't because nobody will return my messages. DON'T buy from them all they really know is how to take your money and PISS you off!!!