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Nov 11, 2016

Beware buyer, this site is a scam! I ordered a lot of stuff from because they had really cheap prices. I was amazed how cheap everything was here and it actually seemed like a great deal. But in the end I lost my money and received nothing. They took my money very fast but they never shipped my order and they do not reply when I try to reach them. Just look at their website! It looks so unprofessional and amateur! How didn't I notice that earlier? No matter what you do, just don't give them your money! / Tried to contact them, but no response

Feb 28, 2012

Item was listed at an attractive price with instructions to proceed through checkout, which begins with a price twice their listed price, and the price will be adjusted to the advertised price as part of checkout. Went all the way to the end of checkout, where the last step was to Place the Order. No price reduction ever appeared. Tried to contact them, but no response. Canceled order and bought from another source. That source sold at a higher price. That source sold it at the advertised price.