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Global Ticket Market Complaints & Reviews

Global Ticket Market / T in the park tickets

Jun 29, 2012

I tried to purchase T in the park tickets online entered all bank details and then received a phone call from Global Tickets saying their website was having trouble taking payments and that to secure tickets I needed to do a bank transfer for the tickets . This was in February 2012 as festival is next week started to get worried as still no tickets. Tried phoning and emailing. Phone line dead no email contact. Their online site is still selling tickets. Reported to Met Fraud Squad

Global Ticket Market / FRAUD

Jun 08, 2012

We have purchased 25 tickets for the UEFA Champions League final game 2012 in Munich. We have paid in FULL, in advance and in CASH but never received the tickets nor refund of our money. The company is a scam; no one replies to our e-mails and when we call, no one seems to be handling our matter and there is no person actually in charge. Their excuse keeps changing details every time. People who work there come by many different names, despite the fact that the voices are the same. To make a long story short, DO NOT BUY tickets from them or sell them you tickets. You will be scammed in both cases!!!

Global Ticket Market / Fraudsters Liers

May 22, 2012

I had posted to sell two CL2012 final tickets with them. They called me up immediately because they were interested and promised I would have received the money straight away even if this was against the terms and conditions stated on their internet site. The guy on the phone was Tom and when I told him I had other buyers he assured me about the immediate payment as soon as the UPS parcel was received. He even chased me up twice checking for the tracking number. As soon as the parcel was received I tried to call him back at their sales phone [protected]. I spoke with his colleagues (Jane Bank, Sam...

Global Ticket Market / CL 2012 scam

May 22, 2012

AVOID THESE ### AT ALL COSTS Bought 2 CL Final tickets for Chelsea Bayern and they fobbed me off with all sorts of excuses -to send them - buyer ws in Spain balh blah. Told me they would meet me in Munich for tickets and mobile of contact went out of service and couldnt be contacted. Office phones went down all weekend and came back up Monday ... AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS DO NOT BUY OLYMPICS TICKETS FROM THESE ANIMALS>

Global Ticket Market / Abusive Staff

Apr 24, 2012

Last night after the semi-final win by Chelsea I booked on-line TWO tickets with Global Ticket Market for the Champions League Final in Munich. Subsequently I received two emails stating that I had booked 2 x TWO tickets. I received a call this afternoon from a sales rep from Global Ticket Market enquiring if I had purchased tickets for the Champions League Final – I informed the person that I had booked TWO tickets but had received two emails confirming that I had booked 2 x TWO tickets. He informed me that I must have clicked the order form twice – I assured him that I had not and...

Global Ticket Market / no payment received for tickets

Jun 04, 2011

we've all been had folks. We sent our tickets to Mr Taylor White, but this time in Epsom. They pick rich sounding middleclass names and get us to send our tickets there. Don't expect to get paid. Some fruadster has flogged off the ticket and his laughing his head off. There is virtually no recourse either. The sale of match tickets is illegal, so you cant go to the dibble and even if you did this sort of crime is undetectable. I feel a right fool. Just make sure you inform you bank or credit card company if you handed over any details, as they are no compromised. Close the account or canel the card. Its the only way to be sure.

Global Ticket Market / Won't pay me my money

Jun 02, 2011

I recently sold 2 champions league tickets on this website and they have not paid me my money for these tickets yet!! I have contacted them via phone and email, i was told it was being processed 3 days ago and that i would get a phonecall the following day...they didn't phone me so i phoned them again and was told i had to send them proof of my ticket confirmation from UEFA, i did this...still no money has been paid though. I've tried to ring them again and their phones are no longer working!!! These tickets cost me £500 and it took alot for me to sell them but due to a recent...

Global Ticket Market - England, Greater London, London / tickets

May 25, 2011

I bought two tickets for the champions league final on this weekend since the 9th of May, I sent the money through a funds transfer to their bank account (under the name Ground Western Sports) and they have been saying for two weeks that the tickets are on their way but the never arrive. They are liers, some of their people told me they have the tickets while the n ext day another employee told me the seller will send me the tickets, and they have changing their versions nearly on a daily basis now. Today they are hanging the phone on me when confronting them about the different versions. They...

Global Ticket Market / scam

May 17, 2011

This company will not release the money for the ticket I have sold. they keep Referring me to the T&C which I do and it does not say anything about being paid after the event (now is after the event still no money). This company are a scam DO NOT TRUST do to a real WEBSITE!!!