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Global Express Courier Complaints & Reviews

Global Express Courier / global express courier is a scam!!! do not send them money!!!

Nov 1, 2018

[email protected] is a scam - Global express courier is a scam please read !!! The following site that also goes under several other names such as: Global express couriers international or Global express couriers has tied to take my money and I was the victim of a scam by them. All started when I applied to a job on a site, I am from Europe and they sent me a signed contract in the name of a Hospital, then they asked me to contact this company at this email: [email protected] and send them 250$. The site has no SSL certificate (to date...

Global Express Courier / About a certain packaged/parcel


I was a victim of an online scam by Global Express in UK, I had received an email from a certain man named Noble Smith stating that he sent me a packaged containing Laptop computer gold jewelries and 5000pounds which according to his email he was not able to indicate the foreign currency in the information of the packaged and it happened that it was hold buy the custom in malaysia a certain man named MR.MIYA DICKNSON called me to produce 1400 US for them to clear the packaged i was tempted because of the said foreign currency which i thought to be of help for me to solve my financial problem i...