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Gieco Complaints & Reviews

Gieco - Alaska, Houston / insurance

May 28, 2018

From using the vehicle state inspection sticker on state of Texas license plate to using now the vehicle state inspection sticker on the bottom left side of vehicle glass windshield from inside looking out of vehicle that I want to complain a huge difference in vehicle brake dust on vehicle wheel rims in the city from strangers in public commuting in vehicles in the city and state on 1 in a 38 ratio of one in 38 I guess the average of dirty wheel rims on vehicles when it should be brake dust on every vehicle front wheel rims if not recently carwashed. Is there a wealthy financial reward for me...

Gieco - Massachusetts, Pittsfield / insurance policy

Nov 14, 2017

I moved to Massachusetts and applied for auto insurance coverage from gieco. My wife doesn't have driving license in United States. She had a license in india. To get better rates they told me to provide abstract for Indian license. But once I got the policy they are asking me to provide abstract for my wife's license as well which I cannot get so they want to increase my insurance premium. I told I was informed only I have to provide abstract for my license and not for my wife. They said we cannot do anything if you don't provide proof then you have to pay additional premium. It's sales rep error and company is not ready to take responsibility

Gieco - California, Sacramento / poor unprofessional/ false information

Sep 10, 2017

Hello I'm Kathleen vang [protected] . I have been a customer for at least about 2 years I'llI'llsay . And I have to tell I love the policy auto insurance that I have . And have no problem. Until recently, I have bill thats due and was was mailed out a paper about my cancellation. I called in and expained my situation, glad i ws able to have it exrended two more days. Its so stressful with budget of 500 and all supplies incliding my rwo little one .we dont get muh over 50 to spend on ourselfs. The last day which was the second day sussposedly, i called again, crazy forgot to rake down the...

Gieco - Florida, Summerfield / gieco is refusing to pay my rental car balance

Aug 13, 2017

I was re-ended by someone insured by Gieco, I was sitting at a dead stop waiting to turn and was re-ended in a 30 mph she was going above that and not paying attention. My car was sent to Maaco to be repaired and their is a remaining balance due on my rental car and Gieco is refusing to pay it saying it should be Maacos responsibility. No the person was insured with Gieco and Gieco should be responsible for paying for my rental car.