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GE Monogram Complaints & Reviews

GE Monogram - California / Glass cooktop cracked


I purchased a GE monogram 36 in gas on glass cooktop. It has been installed for 5 monhs. I went to pick up a pan top from my counter. It was no more than a few inches from my counter when my hand gave out and it slipped out of my hand. It hit the very edge of the glass cooktop and it cracked and took a nick out of the glass. I feel these should not crack that easily. It costs over half the price to get it replaced. After having it just a few months I feel replacing it is stupid if it cracks that easily. GE will not cover any thing under warrenty or even send some one to look at it with out...

GE Monogram / Terrible quality products


We purchased a ge chef dishwasher in 2004 and every year something went wrong with it and a service man came out and had to replace a part. it has been four years and ge has replaced every component of this product and now the replacement has broke!!! I got a lemon and the service men don't want to hear about and they see their records and they are replacing part after part. I have a service on all me ge products thankfully and every year it goes to the darn dishwasher. When these appliances go i am buying Bosch!!!

GE Monogram - California / Quality of product and service


I have a 4 year old GE Monogram 42" built in side by side fridge. It has had numerous issues with maintaining cool temp in the fridge and freezer and the unit is serviced 2x a year for this issue (along w/ moisture problems, ice maker issues, etc.). This started w/ in the first 6months of ownership. I have had the gasket, compressor, air fan, air flow damper, and other parts I do not recall along with the ice maker and water hoses replaced. Today I had the unit serviced again- needed a new air flow damper (how many of those do you need?) because my fridge was a balmy 58 degrees. In the proce...