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G E Money Bank Complaints & Reviews

G E Money Bank / late payment on Dillard's Amex Card

Feb 27, 2012

I payed my charge amount that was listed as due on Feb. 20, 2012 as $107. and a few cents. This was payed on 2/13/2012.--early and payment in full! evidently they did not approve of this as I was notified by a message on my recorder to check credit card services (Dillard's). When I did my account was listed as past due and the balance was $142.17. It was supposed to be payed on 2/20/2012 and this message came on 2/25/2012. Something is very wrong here.

G E Money Bank / account closure

Nov 22, 2011

Hi! I'm writing about my Gap Visa account. I made a mistake and didn't update my checking account info to reflect my new account info and made a pymt on my acct, which was over and above the pymt that I had due for the month. When I realized this I transferred money over to this account so I could rectify this situation. I have gone online and paid my balance in full, but now when I access the account it says my account has been closed. I want to prevent this from happening as I have worked hard to get and maintain the accounts I have and want to continue my relationship with this account. Whom do I need to speak with etc, to explain my situation and prevent closure of my account.

G E Money Bank - Michigan / release of title


Took over payments on motorcyle offered payoff on account they accepted payoff 2875.00 taken from my checking acct then 2 weeks later the other party filed bankruptcy they held title til bankruptcy was discharged. I called again now they want the balance on the acct before they will release title. They make up there own laws

G E Money Bank - Florida, Orlando / High Interest Rate


HELP HELP HELP Seeking advice on a solution to my G E Money Bank problem. I purchased a motorcycle in 2005 AND borrowed $15, 000.00. Since the original date of the loan I have paid $15, 692.20 in payments, $12, 020.49 in finance charges and last but not least $833.99. That brings the total paid to G E Money Bank $28, 546.68. ARE YOU RESDY FOR THIS CRAP: I still owe $12, 590.51. That means i paid by their records a total of $2, 423.20. How the freak can that be. Someone help me cause I really don't know how to approach this. The individuals that are constantly calling and being hung up on...

G E Money Bank - Missouri, Joplin / Closed acct


I have a Lowes Platinum card issued by GE Money Bank good thru 03/2012. Sometime in the last year they lowered my limit from 3000.00 to 720.00. I have paid this card in full every month, since 2003 when I opened the account. Even though there was no reason for them to lower the limit I did not really care since I never charged more than the limit in one month and I paid it off each month. Today when I went to buy some groceries at Wal-Mart they told me that the card had been declined. I came right home and accessed my account on line and the screen said that the account was closed. I called the...

G E Money Bank - Florida, Orlando / Poor Credit Reporting Customer Relations


Similar to MANY others on this site, Last Spring/Summer I applied for a credit card to cover major dental costs. At the time of my application I arranged for them to deduct the monthly payment of approxiamtely $150 from my checking account. When the first bill arrived it indicated that it was deducted. When the next bill arrived it showed a past due balance. When I called they advised me that the amount had not been deducted due to some error in entering the numbers. I was assured that this would be taken care but I had to pay the now past due balance which I did in full. The next month...