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Foundation Financial Group Complaints & Reviews

Foundation Financial Group - North Carolina, Raleigh / Wire Fraud

Dec 13, 2011

Wire Fraud: This company will sell you on a mortgage and provide a false and misleading Good Faith Estimate based upon the borrower's most recent appraisal. Then they will send an appraiser with whom they have a "private agreement "to appraise your home based upon bank owned short sales. Thus the GFE is false and misleading. Avoid this company; report them immediately to your state banking regulator, BBB, and all other web scam sites. It is illegal to have "an arrangement" with appraisers Also FFG's closing costs are 100% higher than all other broker's GFE's. This should be a red flag to you that this is a scam artist company-whose primary business is selling appraisals.

Foundation Financial Group - Florida / FAKE customer stories

Oct 13, 2011

I can't believe this is still going on with the customer stories on here boasting on how great thier experience with FFG was. First off, I'm sure some of these are real customer experiences. BUT, I can personally attest to writing numerous FAKE stories from customers on this site (among many others) and was forced to by upper management because of the extremely high volume of complaints this company recieves. The "wow" stories written by these customers about thier positive experiences match almost WORD FOR WORD compared to what I was told to write on here when I was a manager (Team...

Foundation Financial Group - Georgia / Mortgage scam

Feb 23, 2011

I was contacted unsolicited by Foundation Financial Group. They offered me a very attractive refinance offer but their estimate of my home value seemed high. I made them aware of this on more than one occasion but was reassured each time and was urged to submit my foundation deposit before the rates went up. On their assurance that the value was there I submitted my $490. They ordered an appraisal and low and behold it was too low and now I am out $490. They would not return my calls or emails for weeks and have refused to refund my money. They have all but admitted their mistake by offering...

Foundation Financial Group - Georgia / Sneaky Pests


These guys are sneaky and are pests even after you have told them to buzz off. In October I started looking to refinance my home. I filled out an online application at one of those general site ie. lending tree. FF got a hold of my app and called the first guy wanted me to sign that moment but I was doing my homework with other institutions, my bank and other reputable banks. After i told him that I was comparing prices and services he asked who i was comparing them to and I told him. Of course he bad mouthed them all and that his underwriter only worked on 2 clients a month to give great...

Foundation Financial Group - Florida, Jacksonville / Mortgage Lender


Foundation Financial Group is a great mortgage lender. Foundation Financial Group uses trigger leads to generate sales. People don't like telemarketing call and consumers don't like that their interest in a home loan is available via a trigger lead. That's not Foundation Financial Group fault. Blame the credit bureaus or the government. Once you give Foundation Financial Group a chance, you'll love Foundation Financial Group. I'm a very happy Foundation Financial Group customer. If you have questions about Foundation Financial Group, talk to customers, not people who...

Foundation Financial Group - Texas, Dallas Fotworth / Ethics


Amanda and Casey really pulled the wool over on me. (BOLD FACE LIE) Tell you exactly what it takes to steal $490.00 (for the appraisal) and don't even have the spine to call you back and discuss the out come. You get an informal letter form some office out of state declining your application. Like others they started calling the house. I never heard of Foundation Financial Group before then. Told me the other company I was dealing with wasn't legitimate and that they can guarantee the loan is a done deal. Three weeks later no return phone calls nothing, you get a letter. Let'...

Foundation Financial Group - Georgia, Atlanta / LIERS


I was bombarded by phone calls from this company, impersonating goverment employees that were trying to help me get to refinance sooner. They claimed that citimortgage, the company I was refinancing with, was going bankrupcy and that citimortgage was lying to people. Once they started to ask me for money for fees here and there I declined the offer. The man got very upset and was rude and unprofesional. I called my company they denied all the lies this FOUNDATION FINANCIAL had told me. Now I am worry because I fax them my two year tax return They would very easily do an identity theft with all...

Foundation Financial Group - Georgia / Awesome Company


I recently Started the Process of Refinancing my house on Feb 20th 2010. I kept getting a lot of phone calls because my credit was pulled by Wells Fargo, who i originally inquired with. I picked up the phone because I was tired of the calls. I spoke with a young lady who actually made me think about a lot of things. I immediately googled FFG and saw this report about how the company was a rip off. The young lady had me go to the BBB website to assure that this article was about one person who had a bad experience and that Bank Of America Services their loans not Wells Fargo nor ASC. Thi...

Foundation Financial Group - Massachusetts / fraud


I got a call from an individual named Torry stating that he was working on my refinance and needed my social security number and credit card info to charge a $486 appraisal fee. I called my mortgage broker and found out that this was a scam. I filed a complaint against this company with the division of banks. this happened on 10/5/09

Foundation Financial Group - Florida, Jacksonville / Scam Artists


They are scam artists! I used to work for them and they train you to say whatever it takes to get applications and belittle you if you don't. They buy leads from equifax. They pay minimum wage and if you don't close enough loans in a month they deduct money from your check. I worked for them for 5 weeks before I got a better job and didn't get paid more than $50.00. What a waste of my time. Do not do business with these scam artists!!!

Foundation Financial Group - Florida, Jacksonville / Misleading Practices


I sent this email voicing a complain: Mr. Paul Scott, CEO Foundation Financial Group Jacksonville, FL 32202 RE: Appraisal Fees Mr. Scott, I am writing to you for help and to let you know how your employees are misleading your prospective clients. In May of this year I was contacted by one of your associates regarding an online inquiry I filled out. I told him I was looking to refinance my home and that I was working with a VA lender and the VA appraisal came in lower than my payoff. After answering a few questions he put me in touch with his manager Adam Haden. Adam explained that he had an...