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Florida Peninsula Insurance Co Complaints & Reviews

Florida Peninsula Insurance Co - Florida, Daytona Beach / Insurance fraud

Dec 28, 2016

Even though my policy states if your home is unfit for any reason, wind, flood, fire, ect, it states I'm entitled to Loss of Use and can secure a place to live while my home is being restored, , Florida Peninsula wont live up to the language and uses Fema as a safety net, Fema wont pay because I have language in my policy stating I'm covered. This is fraud!!

Florida Peninsula Insurance Co / Don't rely on them, because they have left us in terrible situation

Sep 27, 2015

We bought a house and decided that the insurance was necessary. We have chosen the company Florida Peninsula Insurance Co. Unfortunately, it was bad choice. The roof started to leak and we decided to inform the company about it. They showed up only 5 days later, when the mould was on the walls and ceiling. As well as they didn’t hurry and the situation became worse and worse. They left us in this situation and basically did nothing.