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First Tennessee Bank Complaints & Reviews

First Tennessee Bank / Screwed up my credit


So I had a second mortgage with First Tennessee, which from the inception of the loan was put on automatic payments. I was informed by mail the the servicing of my loan was being transferred to CCO Mortgage, which is a common industry practice. Well, upon transferring the loan First Tennessee really screwed up. Because I had not received a bill from the new mortgage company, I called in to pay by phone. Well, that is when I found out that First Tennessee had transferred the loan as unpaid since December 2008! So I get transferred to the CCO Mortgage "Collections Department" and spend 30 minute...

First Tennessee Bank / Rip off


First Tennessee Bank has signature cards on file for all of its customers, yet the bank will cash fraudulent checks. I am a victim of this banks lack of responsibility and concern for its customers, and I know of others who are also victims. If checks are stolen or mailed to the wrong address, and crooks decide to have a celebration at the dustomers expense, First TN does not refund your money. This is wrong. Yhe bank does not have the customers interest at heart, and I hope to live to see their bank closed permanently. Iwas ripped off by this bank, and hate to see it happen to others.