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family integrity program Complaints & Reviews

family integrity program - Florida, Saint Augustine / fraud, waste & abuse


These people fraud millions of dollars designing fraudulent case plans with unwarranted treatments and launder money through the county commission & the j& D court system!!! WE feel they should be prosecuted for violateing the constitutional of famalies. They are MONEY GRUBBING LIARS!!! ALL FAMALIES SHOULD READ: AMERICAN FAMILY RIGHTS ASSOCIATION WEBSITE INSTEAD AND WRITE CONGRESSMEN TO SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOW!!!

family integrity program - Florida, Saint Augustine / INCOMPETENCE/fraud


These are the most INCOMPETENT PEOPLE in the state!!! They can't spell; they falsify documents and records; lie in court and assist their CONTRACTED SERVICE PROVIDERS fraud thousands of dollars from federal programs for WORTHLESS SERVICES!! They slander people, kidnap children, hold them for ranson (CASE PLANS WORTH MILLIONS IN FEDERAL FUNDING!!!) Induce (coerce desperate parents to surrender their constitutional rights using a DOCUMENT MARKED BY ASTERISKS that you are about to GIVE UP YOUR RIGHTS/LIBERTY if you sigtn the document. They practise law without a license; write and file...