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Extended Warranty Corporation Complaints & Reviews

Extended Warranty Corporation / ripoff


I have a older model Volvo that is nearing the end of its warranty. I received a letter that appeared to have come from my Volvo dealer. The letter implied this was a service my dealership was recommending to keep me in auto parts warranty coverage. I contacted the company and was given a price that appeared too good to be true for complete coverage of replacement parts on my automobile. (first warning sign I ignored). I was then told I had to make a yes/no decision on the spot or the deal would be withdrawn (second warning sign I ignored). I said yes and then did a check on them. (third...

Extended Warranty Corporation - Missouri / Scam


I have received hundreds of vehicle warranty fliers and letters in the mail over the years. They always go into the trash immediately. However, I knew my current warranty was reaching an end and was expecting to see something in the mail from my current warranty provider in reference to extending. When I received a letter from Extended Warranty Corporation I was about to throw it away until I realized it contained my vehicle VIN#, my current warranty coverage plan information, etc. I was leary so I called to find out just who this compay was and if it was related to my current coverage. The...