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I have received hundreds of vehicle warranty fliers and letters in the mail over the years. They always go into the trash immediately. However, I knew my current warranty was reaching an end and was expecting to see something in the mail from my current warranty provider in reference to extending. When I received a letter from Extended Warranty Corporation I was about to throw it away until I realized it contained my vehicle VIN#, my current warranty coverage plan information, etc. I was leary so I called to find out just who this compay was and if it was related to my current coverage.
The salesman I spoke to explained that Extended Warranty Corporation works directly with Ford and picks up the warranties as they are about to expire so as to offer continued coverage. Not only do they work directly with Ford, but the card they provide is excepted by any Ford dealership for repair work.
They verified my current mileage was just over 100, 000 and was over the mileage allowed, but after I spoke with a "supervisor" who confirmed that my vehicle was in good condition I was approved for coverage.
The original price quote was $450 down and $115 a month for 18 months. This was too expensive so I was able to speak to a "manager" that adjusted my vehicle mileage to show it was under 100, 000 which changed to pricing to $150 down and $73 dollars a month for 18 months. The coverage sounded pretty good and also included free towing and a free rental car during repair work. I bit.
I agreed to $150 down on a credit card and a monthly bill mailed to me for $73 for 18 months.
Several days later a received a package with the coverage contract and a bottle of "additive" to put in my oil. Never once was an additive mentioned so I started to read through the contract. Not only was I expected to add the additive to my oil, but the whole warranty coverage was hinging upon whether or not I put it in my vehicle. If I didn't put it in my oil the coverage was void. I kept reading and found out that the towing was only covered to $100 and car rental was limited at best. I also found out that my credit card was to be charged for the monthly fee without my approval. I also found out there was no relationship with Ford.
When I called and spoke with the salesman he was immediately rude and short. When I explained that the information I received was completely different than what he explained he denied it. I asked why the additive was never mentioned he said to just put it in my vehicle and not to worry about it. I told him I wasn't about to put anything in my vehicle that I wasn't familiar with and that that wasn't the point. I was ticked because that warranty coverage hinges on whether or not I add a product I'm not familiar with and was never told about into my vehicle. He just said to take it to a mechanic and they could do it for me. He said it was no big deal and I was just being silly for making a big deal about it. I also questioned him about the towing and the car rental coverage I was misinformed about and he said they limit the coverage to force dealerships to make vehicle repairs more quickly. What?
When I asked again about the working relationship with Ford he denied ever saying anything about Ford and to take my vehicle to whoever I wanted to. When I said I wanted to cancel the service he told me I had to ship back the bottle of additive or they would not cancel the contract and even if I did I would only get $75 back. Then he told me it wasn't is responsibility to handle cancellations and just dumped my to customer service voicemail without warning.
I left a msg for a manager to call me back. The following morning I was called by a manager and explained the situation. The manager told me to go ahead and put the additive into my vehicle and to follow the rules of the contract. I explained I wanted to cancel and he became belligerant and told me they would not cancel the contract and good luck trying to get out of it. He said I might as well save myself all the headaches, put the product in my truck, pay the monthy fee I agreed to and deal with it cuz I wasn't getting out of the contract. Then he said with a smile, "Is there anything else I can help you with?", he chuckled and then he hung up on me.
I called and spoke with the local Ford dealership and they told me this company is a scam, they don't work with them and they won't honor the coverage because they won't get paid.

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  • Jo
    JoAnn Young Feb 06, 2009

    This is also my complaint. I bought this warranty expecting that it would extend my coverage on my vehicle should something go wrong. When my transmission started to have trouble shifting into first gear, I took it to a dealer expecting the warranty to cover it. After $1000 to tear into the transmission, an inspection was done by the warranty corp. who said there were no broken parts in my transmission that my trouble was caused by "normal" wear and tear. They refused to pay for any part of my problem. I'm feeling duped and defrauded by this company.

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  • Kj
    KJj Feb 16, 2009

    I read your message to late and I too was scammed. I have had to close my Credit card because this company keeps applying charges that are not authorized. This company sales person said there was a full30 day review with 100% gaurentee. But when I sent it back there was no such thing and no one ever heard of it. I even spoke to the marketing director John Ditter and he denied everything. He said they never had such a policy. This company is a total scam and needs to be shut down immediately! To bad our government does not check scam artists out and close them down before so many people get ripped off and they can continue to do this. Take heed!! This company is BAD!!! and it is all a SCAM!!!

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  • De
    Desrt Rat Feb 18, 2009

    Thank you for posting this complaint. I was about to call and sign up, but thought that I had better check them out first (glad I did.) Anyway, I'm sorry that you got ripped off. I am grateful for the tip.

    I amazes me how these scams can can continue without the players being tossed in the pokey and the credit card companies doing charge-backs.

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  • Ka
    Kash Mar 17, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife was lured by the sales rep in thinking that is was from the manufacturer. I contacted the manufacturer the next day just to find that they are not aware of these people and do not accept anything from this company.

    When my wife called to cancel the policy the sales rep got all upset and yelled at her and before hanging said ‘you will see how expensive I’ll make this cancellation for you’. My wife is extremely upset. She called our credit card company (Bank of America) and they informed currently there was no charged applied so they cannot do anything and we have to wait till charges are applied and then we can call their dispute dept. and log a complaint with them.

    I wanted to ask people on this board that logging a complaint with the bank is sufficient and I assume they will deny any charges from this company or do I need to cancel the credit card. Anyone with some experience please comment?


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  • Ro
    rock May 05, 2009

    This company is just scamming people I feel. I do not even own a Ford nor have I purchased a vehicle warranty plan within the last 10 years. They sent me literature stating my vehicle registration had expired and called me over and over again stating that I was in danger of losing my insurance coverage. They stated in their literature mailed to us this week that they do not call you. If that is the case then someone is using their name and their telephone number. I have never done business with these people and do not want to. When I started asking pointed questions the employee got vague and then rude. I have demanded for them to stop all contact with myself and my address several times. They have now mailed warnings to my aged parents. Making it sound like their cars registration had lapsed. This company needs to be shut down immediately. In my opinion they are a bunch of scammers trying to grift people for whatever amount of money they can. I have had nothing but bad experiences with this company and its employees.

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  • Tw
    tweet May 15, 2009

    I got scammed, too :(
    The guy on customer relations was totally rude, and the same thing about mailing back the contract procedure for cancellation followed. I left several cancellation voice mails with the company the day after buying the policy, but they never got back to me on the phone.
    The customer relations guy said that I probably dialed a wrong number from some other paper, but I said I was holding the paper from their company and it had their name on it.
    So I immediately cancelled my credit card and put a fraud alert with the credit bureaus.

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  • Re
    Real Curious May 19, 2009

    What was the product's name? Do you know the composition of the product? Would you like to get it analyzed to find out? Why is there no out-cry about an unknown substance going into your car / truck? I believe that they are selling a warranty on the product with your car attached. That is why it is NOT a car warranty. That is a legal trick I have found out.

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  • Ho
    HoldenMagroin May 27, 2009

    [protected] = SCAMMER Fake Warranty company! Has called my home phone, my cell phone, and today received a letter in the mail. These people are idiots. On the letter, it says MAKE: Registered Vehicle. They have NO clue what vehicle to try and sell me a fake warranty on. We're talking a real class act company. Anytime they call me, I start asking questions about their company, and they hang up. The letter they sent me looks almost exactly like a Water/Gas bill. I WILL be filing a greivance with the BBB, as well as the State Attorney General's office in Missouri. The scam company is: EWC, 6055 Mexico Road, St. Peters, MO 63376, Office: [protected], Fax: [protected] Seems someone is ticked off about them and even made a webpage in regards to this scam company: http://www.geocities.com/extwarrantycorp/ - If you get anything from them, be sure to report it to the US Postal Service, the Attorney Generals office of Missouri, as well as the Attorney Generals office in your state, and the BBB. Be sure to visit: /URL removed/ as well.

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  • Ch
    Chi May 29, 2009

    Thank you for all your comments and your complaints! I have just received this scam and I am going to toss it away. Good thing I searched for EWC online, or else I would've done the same.

    Out of curiosity, are you guys still paying for this "company"? I wish you the best of luck to get rid of this ridiculous thing!

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  • Ch
    Chi May 29, 2009

    Did you report these?

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  • Da
    David Learned Jul 14, 2009

    I unfortunately purchased an extended warrenty from Extended Warrenty Corp of MO., I had my mechanic call and gave them a detailed account of the problems of the that happened all were listed in their pamplet and they scammers came back "pre existing condition" that they were not going to honor their agreement. I demanded my money back wich was two payments of 136.67 and a 130.00 deposit. The scammers said that my refund will be mailed 6-8 weeks from May 30, cancellation. Now those scammers are saying that I owe THEM, like a hundred dollars and that's because of the cancellation and fines and fees from them, can you beleive the audacity. I have made a compalaint to the MO attorney generals office. I know that there are many more than myself who have had the same scam pulled on them. Please get in contact with the attorney general of MO and voice your complaint so that these scammers cannot rip other folks off, so
    in the future these scammers can stopped

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  • Wi
    witty Aug 14, 2009

    I too almost got scammed. Good thing I looked them up on the Internet and saw all these complaints and I work in a financial instution so i see this kind of stuff all the time. I got a card looking thing in the mail from these people and my warrenty is just up from buying a vehicle 3 months ago. So i talked it over with my boyfriend and he said to call. I did. It sounded like a really good deal! I gave Teddy all my information...card and all. He was very polite and joking with me...well something told me to look them up on the internet and that's when i saw all your complaints. I hurried up and took my card to my suppervisor and told her to block it and order me a new card with a new number. She did right away...

    Now here's the kicker...I told Teddy that I would have to transfer money into my account and it wouldn't be available on my card till 7:30. He told me no problem. He said they could wait till then...Well when she blocked my card, she looked to see if they tried to get the money...guess what they did!!!

    I guess u can say I scammed the scammer! But i would have been like the rest of you if i wouldn't have read your comments thank you...And for Rock or anyone else, it is best if you already gave them your account information to block your cards. If they took money out after you cancelled your membership with them, call your bank and block your card and fill out a disbute form.

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  • Ca
    Cat lover Aug 29, 2009

    I too was ALMOST scammed. I received a yellow postcard with red letters SECOND NOTICE so i called but i told them i wouldn't have the funds til the 27th. Tina said ok. Well guess what? She called me up the afternoon of the 25th and said they tried to get the $122 but they couldnt. I reminded her that i had said the 27th and Tina said "Oh u did? I don't know why i thought it was the 25th?" Since i had her on the phone, I told her to go ahead and take it out the 28th as that is when i will have funds. tina said ok. Well i called my bank today the 28th to do a stop payment cus my money is on hold and i wanted to cancel also and i needed their phone number to tell them and the bank rep. said they tried to get it yesterday. I told the rep. that i told tina til the 27th. The bank rep. told me to google them to get thier phone number so i can cancel it. the bank representative i spoke to today told me to google Extended Warranty Corp to get their phone number and when i did, that's when i found out that their scammers and i have been reading negative letters about them. Well i called Tina to cancel and she tried to get me to stay with them and i gave a song and dance story that i'm no longer recieving money and she said she could get me to pay $70 instead of the $122. I told her how am i suppose to pay 70 when i'm no longer receiving checks? and she said she deleted my debit card number and hung up the phone just like that.

    I just wanted to tell all of u that were scammed by them, that i'm very SORRY this has happened to you!! But u can call ur bank and have them replace ur debit card with a new one. that way, they won't be getting ur money every month.

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  • Ho
    Honesty- Sep 02, 2009

    I am a in sales at another company. That is a product warranty! No Good, the only way they will pay a claim
    is if the "product" fails. Stay away from those they are a joke. If you guys need anymore information give me a call at 1-[protected] Kevin Tanner *1028. I will be honest and upfront about everything. By the way all of the things about
    being over a hundred thousand mile or whatever the decide to say is a complete scam you could get that product warranty at 500000 miles.

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  • Su
    Sue Pizzo Jan 27, 2010

    I purchased this warranty 4 yrs ago from The Warranty Corporation. Never used it. So, having an 8 yr old vehicle, Dodge Durango, my oil pump went. Took the SUV to the dealership where I advised them I have a warranty, should be no problem, right? Wrong! The Warranty Corporation sent their "inspector" down to inspect the vehicle, after being advised they can only inspect it if the engine is completely torn apart (which in and of itself is another $1, 000.00). So, being in a position of where I had to get it fixed, I agreed. I may note that we got our oil changes regularly between 3, 000 and 5, 000 milles, Synthetic oil only, which ANY ONE will tell you is fine, got a new oil pump switch last January, maintained the vehicle to the best of our ability. . Only to find out they denied the claim saying that the oil tray in the engine had sludge in it. And it was an underlying problem. Therefore, we cannot cover that. I went back and forth arguing with them and their point being that it was an underlying problem that should have been taken care of. Hello!!! Did I not get my oil changes, new oil pump switch, managed it to the best level I can, and I said well what did you want me to do? Go to a shop and tell them to tear my engine apart for no apparent reason? Yada yada yada, long story short, I told them I am going to report them to the news, the BBB, and slander their name any way I can to make sure no one else gets scammed. And I am also taking further action to possibly sue them.

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  • Du
    dundo Apr 07, 2010

    I agree. While I did not buy anything from Extended Warranty Corporation, I found them to be extremely impolite (rude, some would say). I could not understand why they were behaving that way. I spoke with 3 people: Kevin, Mike and somebody else.

    I let them know that I would not ever buy from them. I cannot remember last time a salesperson was unpleasant like that.

    From your words I can tell that you had exactly the same treatment over the phone as I had.

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  • Du
    dundo Apr 07, 2010

    I will just add this... Companies like this tend to change their names and numbers. This company did not offer their address. The number they provided is: [protected]. The name they provided is: Vehicle Assurance, as agent of Vehicle Service Contracts. I found their website, and Contact Us page has no names on it. Now, that is very bad sign.

    Based on your feedback and my experience with them, I would recommend avoiding this company at all cost (no pun intended).

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  • Ke
    kevin tanner Apr 07, 2010

    Hi, I am Kevin the guy who is spoke about above. Sorry to those I have offended. You guys want real answers?

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  • Ke
    kevin tanner Apr 07, 2010

    PS I work for vehicle assurance

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  • Lu
    Lukepaul Dec 24, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been through that with another company took my money and refused to pay for anything. And today I received a post card from .
    "Vehicle Assurance is a nationwide agent for Vehicle Service Contracts"
    Noticed they sent me the same phone number. [protected]
    Thanks to your post. I won't get hooked this time.

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  • Sd
    SD R Apr 18, 2014

    I dont TRUST *ANY EXTENDED Vehicle Coverages ever since the ENTIRE ENGINE OF My 2000 Chrysler Concorde was COMPLETELY TORN APART DOWN TO ITS NUTS AND BOLTS, DUE TO WHAT WAS INSISTED BY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY COMPANY Man the was supposed to stop in and "INSPECT" THE MESS ON THE FLOOR that was once my cars Engine!!
    I honestly never found out what was WRONG, BUT I WAS TOLD BY "PEP-BOYS" Mechanics
    1) They could Reassemble the Engine and Charge me $997.00 and the car *STILL WOULD NOT FUNCTION!
    2) They would Reassemble the Engine and fix whatever was wrong and Charge me ...GET THIS ONE!! $7777.77!! WTF??
    It was so unbelievable, I am *STILL UPSET ABOUT IT AFTER ALL THIS TIME!! PEP BOYS IS A BIG SCAMMER AND THIEVES WORK THERE! as well as the Extended Warranty Company!!
    I couldn't afford to have the car fixed, so I had to surrender the car to PEP BOYS COMPANY!!


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  • St
    Steve Summerlin Jul 05, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I received a mailer from Vehicle Assurance Corporation that was very cleverly worded to make the reader think that my current warranty coverage was through them and would not be honored unless I paid a price increase. I immediately called my dealership to verify that my coverage was through GM. The dealer had never heard of Vehicle Assurance, and did not know of any relationship between this company and GM. After carefully rereading the letter, I realized that the letter had been worded in such a way that it could be defended as not actually saying what I had interpreted the first read to say. While the insinuation of a relationship is there, it does not actually list any valid account numbers or customer information. I called them at [protected] to inquire how they got my name, address and vehicle information. They refused to answer and deflected to a marketing team, which they could not transfer me to, nor provide contact info for. I asked if they could remove me from any mailing lists they owned and they responded that they would. I still wondered how they received my information. I know the people at the dealership, and they would not provide it. GM has a solid client relations rating and they are not a likely candidate either. However, when a person registers a vehicle for a license plate with the State, the record becomes public. So, I am fairly certain that this company and companies like them are mining public records for the info that appears in these letters.

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  • Ja
    Janice Jonas May 26, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I never have filed a complaint on anything but this was just TOO ugly. I had a 2012 Nissan. I kept getting flyers mail, letter that the warranty was about to expire. I don't think we took out a warranty cause we change vehicles about every two to three years anyway. Today I got another letter from a Dale Stevens of Vehicle Assurance. Conversation was going ok until I asked him not to send anymore flyers, letters or calls cause we dont have that unit anymore. I also asked him to quit calling me cause i am on the no call list. He immediately copped an attitude and rudely said he was going to hang up on me and that I was argumentative. I hope they did record our conversation!!

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  • Dq
    D.Quixote Mar 19, 2019

    Today I received another letter offering to provide an extended warranty contract on a vehicle, 2013 Ford Fiesta, that I have not owned for the past six years. The above referenced comments mirror those of so many and should be considered a scam. Best use for this letter is to start the charcoal in my grill when I get ready to fix a meal. Sad that so much money is wasted on such out of date data. Maybe someone should do some more updating customer information before mailing even more clutter. Always suspicious of mail with no return mailing address displayed either on the envelope or letter.

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