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Sep 21, 2012

Thanks all for your review. kept me from making a bad decision. Be aware that when buy on-line when your at the check-out page where you enter CC info before you do click the security seal that say this is a trusted site and if the company name that is certified on the seal is different then website you buying from its a scam to steal your money! Example I was buying shoes from and was the name certified when you click the sercurity seal. / Sent me counterfeit shoes

May 24, 2012

I purchase a pair of Christian Louboutins from that uses this ECPSS site. The shoes arrives yesterday, but they are counterfeit, duh! I've been e-mailing back and forth before the shoes even arrived asking if they were authentic and was assured they are. then I got smart and contacted Louboutin and they said that all of their shoes are made in Italy. I quoted to the customer service girl, "Betty" and copy/cut/pasted the response from Louboutin. She said that I would be a refund minus 10% poundage, whatever that is and that ECPSS is a reputable site who would do the refund. I'm afraid I'll never get my money back. I feel like such an idiot! / Chinese scam gateway processor

Jan 29, 2012

Chinese scam gateway processor. Affiliated with Chinese knock off scam sites including, which uses a Chino Ca address and disconnected phone number on their web site to make you think you are dealing with US manufacturer. Got me for $69, which I am challenging with my bank. Never got product. Probably wouldn't want it if I did. / I can't believe I fell for it

Dec 05, 2011

I wish I had read this site before I ordered a coat from It fits everyone's description exactly. I should've known better when my invoice number was 30 from a "company that sells many thousands of coats worldwide." The website was poorly designed but the "deal" seemed so good on a Peuterey coat that I fell for it. I canceled my credit card and will be issued a new one. I also ordered from another site which uses similar tactics…selling designer coats for a low cost using PayPal. Never got anything delivered but PayPal will back me up. So, someone i... / Needless to say i was ripped of, no goods were sent yet they took £158

Jun 15, 2011

I had the misfortune of dealing with a company that used this as their payment gateway. I only wish i had seen these reviews first. Needless to say i was ripped of, no goods were sent yet they took £158. Not happy at all. Now seeking a reclaim via my bank. Do not buy anything that uses ECPSS payment gateways, they are fraudsters and thieves only interested in stealing your money, AVOID!