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Eagles Nest Homes Complaints & Reviews

Eagles Nest Homes / They want our house and spoke in really bad manner

Apr 2, 2015

We bought our house from the company Eagles Nest Homes. We got all legal papers and after 4 weeks it turned out that the company was bankrupt. We received the phone call that we needed to return our house to them. They didn’t care that we paid money, they needed our house. The rep spoke in awful manner with me. I wonder if there are people, who faced the same problem? I really need help or any useful advice. Please, post your comments and ideas. Thanks.

Eagles Nest Homes - Georgia / Inappropriate Disclosure

Mar 28, 2011

I urge EXTREME caution to anyone considering becoming a "Representative" for Eagles Nest Homes. The fee I paid for this privilege was $10, 000US, plus another $1500.00 for their training classes, documentation, and pamphlets. The problem is that it isn't until you're sitting in their office preparing to sign over the $10, 000 check that they bother telling you that you have to write your first contract for a home within 90 days or they'll boot you out and you forfeit your money. So you've paid your airfare to get there, three nights in a hotel, a rental car and other...

Eagles Nest Homes - Georgia / Failure to fulfill order in a timely fashion


After working with Eagles Nest Homes for several years on home design we finally in October 07 decided to sell our house, purchase of a lot(Nov 07) and then their "package"(Dec 07), (Eagles Nest insisted we send funds to their supplier American Building Systems). We were given a delivery date of Jan 4, 08, which was changed to Jan 14, 08. Then their supplier(ABS) filed bankruptcy 8 DAYS later and we found out they had not started our package and we would not be receiving a shipment. We were left with out a home to live in (needed tomove by May 08), a vacant lot, and NO house package but...