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Dri* Complaints & Reviews

Dri* / Unauthorized billing


They just one in to my account and took $69.69 out of it, i didn't even know and i don't know this company, please get my money back or i'll talk to a lawyer.

Dri* - Arizona / Refund me NOW!!


I was also charged 14.95 to my account and I have no idea who this company is and never knew they existed! I want my money back, what can I do!!? Then to top it off it states that the website cannot receive any email responses to the web address given!!!

Dri* - Illinois, Lockport / Unauthorized transaction!


Well like others as I have found I woke up this morning and checked my banking account online and I noticed two pending transactions in the amount of $975.38 ($1950.76) and noticed they were from DRI*REG.NET REGNETORD.CO MN! I immediately called my bank! They told me that it was a online website order which I understood that and I did not authorize these charges either! They said they couldn't do anything at the time until the charges had cleared and they they could seek out the claim and cancel my card! They gave me the website and the customer service number to this company in which I...

Dri* - Illinois, Antioch / Illegal charges!


Dri* just charged my account $63.00 for what I do not know. I have tried to find them online and can not get to them. It is like there is not listing. I do not know what they are charging me for and can not find out, but it has got to stop. This is the 3rd time they have charged my account, and each time the charge gets bigger.

Dri* - New York, New York / Unauthorized Check Card Charges


Do not trust your account information, normally I would see something strange about my available balance but I never thought that these online so-called-companies could without your knowledge charge you for anything they choose. I woke up this morning and saw a charge from DRI*REG.NET for some $59.95 that I have no clue about. There are some really strange things going on wih these online sites and I hope to GOD that the right people find out about these complaints and take further necessary steps to put it to an end.

Dri* / Unauthorized charges!


I have two charges to my checking account. I know I never authorized these payments. I am giving you the information that was included in my charges. MN on... This is all the information I have to go on. I was charged $59.95. How am I going to get my money back? I have no contact information other than what is listed on this page. I also received another charge in the amount of $19.95 from I need to know how to get my money back. I am positive that I never made these transactions.