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DK Painting and Construction Complaints & Reviews

DK Painting and Construction - Texas, Richardson / Rom katave poor demeanor and professionalism

Nov 1, 2016

I approached DK Painting and spoke with Ram "Rom" Katave about a development I'm involved with in Downtown Dallas. Where to start? The first thing he did was start getting shady with me offering all sorts of weird kickbacks to me if I could get them the deal. "Bring me any other quote and we will slash it by 15%." This was before he knew anything about the scope of the job, so obviously a very irresponsible claim to make. But that's the attention to detail that I came to expect from him. In the rest of our conversations he basically acted like a spoiled brat, telling me repeatedly about how...

DK Painting and Construction / Very unprofessional service


"DK's quality and showmanship are reflected by our outstanding customer service". What a joke. I contacted DK Painting & Construction a few times in the past couple months and the way the owner/manager treats people turned me off IMMEDIATELY from ever doing serious business there. I spoke with Ram Katave who introduced himself to me as the owner of the company, though he is listed as a consultant on their website (even though he has the same last name as their "CEO" Danny Katave). ram katave is actually a college student, according to the search I did on Google. without getting into too...