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Derma Wand Complaints & Reviews

Derma Wand / numbness in my face

May 17, 2018

I use this product once. I use 3 strokes across my face from my cheek to my temple and that was it. The next day the right side of my face started getting numb. The numbness went through the whole right side of my face. I was admitted into the hospital and they gave every test possible and don't know why my face is like this. I been seeing a neurologist ever sense. My face has been like this for almost 2 months. I believe the Dharma Wand is the reason.

Derma Wand - Georgia, Greensboro / derma wand

Jul 25, 2017

I sent this product back, yet they continue to charge my credit card. I saved the label from where I peeled off where to send it and attached it to the package.. same box they sent it to me.. now they tell me they don't provide labels.. I have been charged almost $100.00.. after the $14.95.. I even have a signature where they signed for it. It ships to a warehouse.. then they claim its not theirs.. and continue to charge you.

Derma Wand - California, Buena Park / Charged for unauthorized amount, gave me hard time to get a refund

Aug 19, 2016

I ordered Derma Wand on line and before I even tried the product I cancelled my order. I authorized 14.95 and at check out they taxed me over 12 dollars for the shipping. I mean what legit company does that. I immediately called to cancel and they made excuses why they charged without my authorization and gave me a hard time. I went to ebay and got it for way cheaper including the shipping.

Derma Wand - California / Shocked By Negative Derma Wand Comments

Aug 21, 2012

Wow! I'm totally shocked by all the neg comments! Honestly, I love the thing. Can't live without it. I'm 31, don't have any wrinkles at all but I have my mom and grandmothers "chipmunk" cheeks and what they call "bulldog" lines at the sides of my mouth. I've noticed those lines, which have always been there, are a little more pronounced. I bought the Derma Wand and used it to smooth out the lines around my cheek and nose and it worked (temp) first time out of the box. I had to use the lowest setting (settings go from 1-9) for a few days but now I'm on 9 and there...

Derma Wand - Connecticut, Milford / sam820


This is actually not a complaint against the dermawand...but for the ones who have complained about the dermawand... I bought the dermawand last May 2008.. i have had it for over a year and I have not experienced any burning sensation of the skin at all other than the tingling feeling ur suppose to feel when u use it... Ur not suppose to use it at a high number unless ur skin is ready for it.. and the instructions plainly state u do not have to turn it up to get the same results... I also stopped using it for about 4 mths and never experienced my skin being saggier than before as one woman...