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Department of children and family Complaints & Reviews

Department of children and family / Discrimination and Injustice in Relative Adoption

Jun 20, 2013

We are seeking assistance in injustice and discrimination we were victim regarding the custody of our niece. This kinship custody dispute, which involves the Department of Children and Families in West Palm Beach, was mishandled by the 15th Circuit court. Please help us cry out for justice by signing this petition. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) took our niece into custody when she was 3 months old in August 2009. While the parents underwent investigations and trials with the possibility of reunion, DCF never contacted any relatives for possible placement. In December 2010, we...

Department of children and family - Florida, Miami / Denied Assistance

Sep 20, 2011

I've worked all my life until 08/04/2011 and appied for food stamps and was denied, I was asked to send the agency my last 4 week of then employment pay stubs which I did. And the Department or person that reviewed my case turned me down for food stamps. When I called I was told I made to much money and don't make a dime now and resently became homeless due to the lack of income, the person I spoke with informed me that the person that reviewed my case put it in as if my then income is contiuing and it wrong I even put on my application that I hadn't worked since August 4, 2011...

Department of children and family - Florida, Fort Walton Beach / food stamp program


I am disabled, when i was declared so by the State of Florida, they also signed me up for food stamps.The letter stated that I had to do nothing, that my review would be done at the time of my SSI case. I received one month of 132.00 before I got a letter cutting them to 129.00 then the letter came that i was no longer eligible. a letter came to recertify, I could never get any one by phone, when every one in the nation was getting a 20.00 increase, I got cut.After my online recertification I get my long awaited letter only to find out that I have been cut again to 63.00 . Trying all the phone...