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DCF Complaints & Reviews

DCF / Kids lost in system

May 12, 2014

A friend of mine died at the end of February. And left 3 children 16, 14 & 12. The children. Are were staying with friends temporally. It has going on 3 months and nothing gas been done. They haven't even contacted her brother. A friend thought they had found a home for the youngest but wont allow the child to have any benefits. I feel the state of FL has dumped 3 kids. Off on a 69 year old lady and another girl. My friends name was Rebecca Nicoll Her children are Savanna, Tristan and River. Please let me know what is the next step. I live in MS my #601-946-1851 and email [email protected] Thank you.

DCF / Violations of Social Workers

Jan 4, 2013

Why should the DCF be granted more money is their workers are violating Federal laws and DCF policies?

DCF - Florida / no card

Oct 1, 2012

I have been waiting for 2 months now for my food stamps card that i honestly do not believe is even coming! I got an approval letter back on August 5 saying that i had been approved for food stamps for august, Sept, oct and november..Well it is now October 1st and i have not received anything...Also have tried my hardest to call for 2 months now and never get anywhere with any numbers you list to speak with a representative..Starting to think i have been pranked by DCF..

DCF - Florida, West Palm Beach / No one to help me

Jun 5, 2012

I have called numerous times and spoke to many different employees. My child support hearing is less than 2 days away and nobody can find my telephonic hearing request I emailed to [email protected] State. Fl. Us... I have called the attornys office, wpb dor, child support and noone will tell me who I should speak to or what I should do. I have waited 10 months for this to go through and I have complied with all that has been asked of me. And because no one can tell me who to speak to - I will be denied child support. Nobody cares enough to figure out what has happened. I just...

DCF - Florida, Jacksonville / Short 80.00 one day after my initial Foodstamp day

Jan 14, 2012

I get my stamps every Month on the 13th was told i didn't have to have a phone interview as long as i keep them updated online, submitted an application @ the end of October, cause i knew they would end in December, now when i get my stamps A day after i'm shorted 80.00 January 14, my Lively hood is not A game & this is my first time ever complaining, so basicly Tired of these Shananagians, if i didn't need them I wouldn't be writing this ... been receiving 200.00 since Obama Change it ... seem like they're making their own rules at these places ...

DCF / They do nothing!

Jan 24, 2011

I CANNOT get these people on the phone to complete an interview which is a necessary part of the application preocess. I have been on hold from 2:00 today (the time I get out of college) until 5:00 when they close and was on hold the entire time. They act like other peoples time is nothing. Now I have to spend 3 hours on hold tomorrow and hope I get through, though I likely wont. Trying to get ahold of these people is nearly impossible and something should be done.

DCF - Massachusetts, Hanover / Hit buy staff and others


Hi my name is Albert Manchester and I am 18 teen years and the reason why I want to live DCF is because i want to live DCF is because I jest want to run my own life for once. Cardianl Cushing School I not thr right school for me at this point I jest want to go to a group home when i am 18 teen I think I should go to a group home at the age of 18 teen and not bee at the Cardianl Cushing School for one reason why is because I have been hit by staff and kids at my school. Lke am 18 teen now was bit by a kids at my school and I was pushed in my school and I was punch and the face in ny school and...

DCF - Florida, Orlando / Letter of Placement


I have been told in order to enroll my child in school that I need DCF letter of placement, because he is in my parents' care during the week. I have contacted over a dozen DCF phone numbers, locations, departments and email addresses and still have not been told how to obtain this letter: UNLESS I abuse my child. In that case, or the case where I have broken the law, then my child and I have additional rights to have family help each other through an economic crisis. If there is anyone who can direct me to a parent's rights advocate? I cannot get my child in school. [email protected]

DCF - Florida, New Port Richey / getting my account processed


I got fired from mu job on june 8th 2009 and filled for food stamps, medicaid and cash assistance on June 12th 2009. I know it takes some time so I wait until June 26th or so and called. they sent the information that they requested to my old address that i have not lived at for over 2 years! In this case I had to resend all information and my process did not start until july 3rd or so. I am very disappointed and frustrated because not only is my case still in PROCESS, but they have ripped me off a whole month of benefits if I do qualify! I have called them several times and they tell me they...

DCF - Florida, Miami / food stamps


The Department of Children and Families---who checks on them? My husband got laied off and we had to apply for assistance, we have called and gone to the office and waited over 10 times, every time someone tell us the wrong information as to what we need to do, or turn in or wait for. It's unbelievable! they have no idea what to tell you. we called 3 different time one day with the same question and got 3 completely different answers. we have 3 kids and just about out of money for food. who can we turn to? how can this be? the program is to help the families in need and when we try to get...