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Aug 15, 2015

I played a lot on the website It was free game and I didn’t have any intention to waste money on it. But it could take several years in order to get necessary points, after that you can obtain necessary stuff. I wasn’t so patient and paid money in order to get useful stuff for the game. But they scammed me here as well. They took money and told me that it hasn’t been enough. Don’t pay them!!! / This game is just a cheap knockoff of EVE online

Jun 08, 2012

This website game is a SCAM. Although it's advertised as a free-to-play game, everything about it is designed to either induce you to spend real money to protect yourself from in-game bullying from other players, or simply leave to create room for people who will. I played this game for 2 months. The graphics are lousy. The content is lame. The plot is thin. The character development is cookie cutter or just plain non-existent. The in-game music is awful, nerve-wracking, and played on an endless loop (unless you figure out how to disable it). The gameplay supposedly is centered around...